Top 5 Legendary Players Who Changed Badminton

In this article, we will take a look at the top five Badminton legends, who have revolutionized the game and greatly enhanced game culture.

The game of Badminton was first invented by British ex-pats in India, where it became immensely popular by the 1870s. Ball badminton, a variation of the game played with a wool ball rather than a shuttlecock, was first practised alternately with badminton by the British, with the woollen ball being favoured in windy or rainy conditions. The game was first played in Thanjavur as early as the 1850s. In the racquet sport of badminton, shuttlecocks are swung through a net using racquets. The most popular versions of the game are “singles” and “doubles,” which are played with one player on each side, though bigger teams may also participate (with two players per side). While competitive matches are placed on a rectangular indoor court, badminton is consistently played unofficially outdoors in yards or on beaches. When the shuttlecock is hit with the racquet and lands inside the opposing team’s half of the court, a point is scored.

In this article, we will take a look at the top five Badminton legends, who have revolutionized the game and greatly enhanced game culture.

  1. Tony Gunawan


One of the greatest male doubles players in badminton history is definitely Tony Gunawan. Tony has won numerous trophies in both doubles and mixed doubles. He has earned 35 titles in all. He initially represented Indonesia in competition before switching to the United States, where he earned numerous international honours, including an Olympic gold medal and the title of world champion.

  1. Rudy Hartono

The world’s oldest badminton competition was contested seven times in a row by Indonesian badminton player Rudy Hartono. He clinched the title at the 1980 IBF World Championships. He is frequently considered as one of the greatest badminton players in history. In the lengthy and famous history of the sport, he is among the most well-known athletes.

  1. Li Lingwei

At the 1985 BWF World Championships, Li Lingwei, an accomplished all-arounder, took home 3 gold and 2 silver medals. Her net play was the greatest on the badminton court at the time. She was thus selected in December 2016 for the position of Vice President of the China Olympic Committee. Li is actively involved in the fight to provide more women the chance to play sports and make sure they are adequately represented.

  1. Chen Long

Retired competitive badminton player Chen Long is from China. He is the 2016 Olympic winner as well as a two-time World and Asian champion. Chen, a former World No. 1, held the top spot in the men’s singles rankings for 76 straight weeks, from December 2014 to June 2016. Beginning his career in the international arena in 2007, he won the boys’ singles title in the Asian and World Junior Championships. The following year, in 2009, he claimed his debut professional match at the Philippines Open.

  1. Taufik Hidayat

In his career, Taufik Hidayat has amassed 27 victories, including 6 victories at the Indonesian Open. He still maintains the record for the fastest smash in the singles competition’s history in addition to all the titles he has won. Hidayat was particularly proficient at making shots with his backhand. Taufik Hidayat Arena acquired its formal inauguration as a badminton training facility in December 2012.

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