Top five best men’s fencing player in the world in 2024

In this article, we have mentioned the information related to the top five best men’s fencing players in the world right now in 2024 in detail.

With the 2024 Paris Olympics just around the corner, the world of fencing is buzzing with anticipation. Every four years, the world’s best fencers gather to showcase their lightning-fast reflexes, strategic cunning, and unwavering focus in the quest for Olympic gold. But who are the athletes to watch in 2024? Here, we look into the world of men’s fencing, highlighting five fencers who are poised to dominate the piste (fencing strip) this summer.


Foil fencing is known for its graceful footwork and precise bladework. The focus is on controlled touches, with points only awarded when the tip of the foil lands on the opponent’s torso.


  • Enzo Lefort (France): The reigning World Champion (2023) and current world number one, Enzo Lefort is a force to be reckoned with. The 25-year-old Frenchman is known for his explosive speed and tactical brilliance. He’s a crowd favorite, thrilling audiences with his dazzling footwork and unpredictable attacks.
  • Nick Itkin (USA): The American challenger, Nick Itkin is a rising star in the world of foil fencing. The 22-year-old secured a silver medal at the 2023 World Championships, showcasing his exceptional technical skills and strategic mind. Itkin’s calm demeanor and laser focus make him a formidable opponent on the piste.


Epee fencing is the heavyweight category of fencing, where the entire body is a target area. Matches are known for their physical intensity and strategic mind games.

  • Mate Tamas Koch (Hungary): The reigning World Champion (2023) from Hungary, Mat Tamas Koch is a dominant force in epee. The 28-year-old combines exceptional reach with remarkable agility, making him a difficult opponent to corner. His powerful attacks and unwavering defense make him a true contender for Olympic gold.
  • Romain Cannone (France): The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Champion, Cannone is a veteran fencer with a wealth of experience. The 27-year-old Frenchman is known for his technical mastery and tactical flexibility. He can adapt his style to counter any opponent, making him a true champion on the piste.


Sabre fencing is the fastest and most dynamic fencing discipline. Points can be scored with the tip or the curved edge of the blade, making for a thrilling and action-packed spectacle.

  • Eli Dershwitz (USA): The reigning World Champion (2023), Eli Dershwitz is a fan favorite known for his bold style and lightning-fast attacks. The 29-year-old American is a master of the explosive start, often catching his opponents off guard with his speed and ferocity.
  • Aron Szilagyi (Hungary): A legend in the world of sabre fencing, Aron Szilagyi is a two-time Olympic Champion (2012, 2016). The 36-year-old Hungarian is a master tactician, adept at reading his opponent’s movements and exploiting their weaknesses. Despite his age, Aron Szilagyi remains a top contender on the international stage.

Beyond the Rankings

While these five fencers are undoubtedly the current frontrunners, the world of fencing is full of surprises. Young talents are constantly emerging, and experienced veterans can pull off unexpected upsets. Here are some names to keep an eye on:

  • Kim Jun-ho (South Korea): A rising star in men’s foil, the 20-year-old South Korean is quickly climbing the world rankings. His exceptional footwork and creative attacks make him a fencer to watch.
  • Andrea Santarelli (Italy): The experienced Italian épée fencer has consistently placed in the top 10 in the world rankings. The 32-year-old’s experience and technical skills make him a dark horse contender for a medal in Paris.
  • Luca Curatoli (Italy): The young Italian sabre fencer has impressed with his recent performances at World Cup events. The 23-year-old’s explosive attacks and unpredictable style could pose a threat to established veterans.

The Road to Paris

The coming months will be important for these athletes as they fine-tune their skills and prepare for the biggest stage in fencing. Tournaments like the Grand Prix and World Championships will be important qualifiers for the Olympics and provide valuable opportunities for fencers to test their mettle against the best in the world.

The X-Factors

While talent and training are undeniably important, the road to Olympic glory is rarely a straight line. Here are some factors that could influence the outcome of the men’s fencing competitions in Paris:

  • Injuries: Fencing is a physically demanding sport, and even a minor injury can significantly impact an athlete’s performance. Maintaining peak physical condition throughout the year will be vital for these top contenders.
  • Mental Toughness: The pressure of the Olympic Games can be immense. Athletes who can manage their nerves and maintain focus under the spotlight will have a significant advantage. The ability to bounce back from setbacks and adapt to unexpected situations will be important.
  • Teamwork: While fencing is an individual sport, the team environment can be a source of motivation and support. The camaraderie and shared goals within a national team can be a powerful force, especially in team events.
  • Strategy and Innovation: Top fencers are constantly evolving their tactics and techniques. The ability to surprise opponents with innovative strategies or unforeseen attacks could be the difference between victory and defeat. Analyzing opponents’ strengths and weaknesses and devising personalized game plans will be key.
  • Home Field Advantage: The French fencers will undoubtedly have the crowd behind them in Paris. The passionate support of the home audience can provide a significant boost in morale and energy. However, experienced fencers will need to stay focused and not be swayed by the potential distractions of a home crowd.

Paris 2024

The 2024 Paris Olympics promises to be a showcase of the best that men’s fencing has to offer. The athletes highlighted here represent the pinnacle of skill, strategy, and dedication. Their battles on the piste will be a testament to the beauty, speed, and drama that make fencing such a compelling sport.

Beyond the individual rivalries, these Games will also be a platform for the next generation of fencing stars to emerge. The performances of these young talents will shape the future of the sport and inspire a new wave of aspiring fencers. Whether it’s the established veterans or the rising stars who steal the show, the 2024 Paris Olympics are guaranteed to be a thrilling spectacle for fencing fans around the world.

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