Top Six WWE Wrestlers Who Could Retire in 2024

In this article, we have mentioned information related to the WWE wrestlers who could retire in this year 2024 and more about them with the reason for their retirement.

In 2024, several WWE wrestlers may hang up their boots and retire from the squared circle. These talented athletes who have entertained fans for years could be taking their final bow. Let’s explore the potential WWE Wrestlers Who Could Retire in 2024.

Dustin Rhodes

Top Six WWE Wrestlers Who Could Retire in 2024
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Dustin Rhodes also known as Goldust has not officially confirmed his retirement in 2024, but there are a few reasons why he might consider hanging up his wrestling boots. Firstly, his age and the toll on his body, especially concerns about his knees led him to declare 2023 as his last year as an active wrestler. Contractual obligations with All Elite Wrestlers (AEW) could also play a role, as reports suggest his contract might end in September 2024. If he chooses not to renew, it could signal his retirement from that platform. Additionally, there is the possibility that Rhodes might want to pursue other interests outside of wrestling, like acting, coaching, or starting a business. 

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R- Truth

Top Six WWE Wrestlers Who Could Retire in 2024
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R-Truth’s retirement in 2024 is a possibility considering several factors. At 52, he is among the older wrestlers, and the physical demands of the profession may prompt a focus on health. His current association with Judgment Day in storylines suggests a potential final act, possibly tied to losing his 24/7 Championship or facing conflict within the group. The reduction in his ring time compared to peak years might indicate WWE scaling back due to age or prioritizing younger talent. Ultimately, retirement could be a personal choice for R-Truth, allowing him to step away on his terms after a long and successful career. It’s crucial to note that these are potential reasons, and there’s no official confirmation from R-Truth or WWE about his retirement plans. Time will reveal if 2024 marks the end of his in-ring career.

Trish Stratus

Top Six WWE Wrestlers Who Could Retire in 2024
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Trish Stratus might retire in 2024, and there are a few reasons why. She is 49, and wrestling can be tough on the body, even though she looked great in 2023. There is also a story with Zoey Stark that needs wrapping up, and a retirement tour with a final match could be a nice way to end her in-ring career and help younger wrestlers. She has achieved a lot and tried many storylines, so she might feel creatively fulfilled and ready to step back. Juggling family, work, and successful ventures outside wrestling might make her prioritize those over continuing in the ring. She could also focus on mentoring the next generation of female wrestlers, given her big contributions to women’s wrestling.

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Randy Orton


Randy Orton has not officially said he is retiring but 2024 might be a year to watch. His health has been a concern due to a serious back issue in 2022, and doctors are advising caution. At 43, he has achieved a lot in wrestling holding multiple championships. He might feel it is time to step back and let younger talent shine. There is also the creative side if he is not happy with his storylines in WWE, he could be considering retirement or exploring opportunities outside. Family is crucial too, being married with children and having an interest in acting, he might want to spend more time with his family or pursue other ventures.

The Rock

Brock Lesnar Smashing Roman Reigns (Photo- WWE)
Brock Lesnar Smashing Roman Reigns (Photo- WWE)

The Rock’s retirement in 2024 could stem from various personal and professional factors. Personally, at 52, the physical toll and existing injuries from wrestling may make continued competition less appealing. With a young family and thriving careers in acting and production, dedicating time to wrestling might not align with his priorities. Health concerns, even undisclosed ones, could also influence his decision. Professionally, if storylines or matches don’t align with his vision, the creative direction might lose its appeal. Balancing Hollywood demands with WWE commitments could be challenging, and he might need to choose one over the other. Having achieved legendary status, he might feel his in-ring legacy is secure and seek new challenges. While these are possibilities, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hasn’t officially announced any retirement plans, and only time will reveal if 2024 marks the end of his in-ring career or just another chapter in his remarkable journey.

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John Cena

John Cena WWE Champion

John Cena may be retiring in 2024, and there are a few reasons why. He’s 46, and wrestling can be tough on the body, so he might want to leave before he feels he’s not performing at his best. Cena is also busy with acting and other stuff outside of wrestling, and managing all of that along with a full-time WWE schedule is getting harder. He’s talked about being a mentor in WWE, so he might step back from regular matches but still help out new wrestlers. The year 2024 marks 20 years since he started in WWE, which could be a really meaningful time for him to say goodbye. Even though he lost a match in 2023, that might just be part of the story WWE is telling, possibly leading to a special retirement moment. But these are just possibilities, and Cena might decide to keep wrestling. It’s up to him, and fans are waiting for any official word from the “Leader of the Cenation.”


In 2024, some beloved WWE wrestlers like Dustin Rhodes, R-Truth, Trish Stratus, Randy Orton, The Rock, and John Cena might retire. Age, health concerns, contractual obligations, and interests outside wrestling are key factors. While retirement plans are not confirmed, fans eagerly await updates on these legends’ next chapters, appreciating their impactful careers.

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