UEFA allows 26 man squad for the upcoming EUROs

The move is aimed at safeguarding the tournament and teams involved from a possible Coronavirus outbreak.

UEFA has affirmed the extension of teams from 23 to 26 players at this present summer’s postponed European Championship.

The UEFA advisory group affirmed the standard change on Tuesday, clarifying it as a move “to ensure the smooth running and coherence of the opposition considering the Covid-19 pandemic”.

The matchday team will stay at 23 players, as per Law 3 of the IFAB Laws of the Game allowing a limit of 12 substitutes to be named for matches, including three goalkeepers.

UEFA affirmed a month ago that groups will be permitted to make five replacements for every game at the Euros.

Countries can likewise choose a limitless number of backup players who can be traded in before their first round of the competition, including if an individual from the team has COVID-19.

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