What are the ten most cheerful moments in history of hockey?

In this article, we have mentioned information related to the ten most cheerful moments in the history of history which has made everyone excited.

Hockey is often seen as a fast-paced, physical sport. But beneath the flying pucks and bone-crushing hits lies a deep well of camaraderie, passion, and pure, unadulterated joy. Here’s a look at ten moments that captured the spirit of what makes hockey so darn cheerful:

1. 1980 Olympics 

What are the ten most cheerful moments in history of hockey?
1980 Olympics (Photo Source: Olympics)


This is a famous story in hockey history. It is about a team of college players from America playing against the strong Soviet Union team. The atmosphere in Lake Placid was full of excitement. Then, when Buzz Schneider scored the winning goal, everyone went crazy with happiness. It was a win for the team that wasn’t expected to win, a moment that was more than just about sports. It brought the whole country together in celebration.

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2. 1994 Stanley Cup Finals

What are the ten most cheerful moments in history of hockey?
1994 Stanley Cup Finals (Photo Source: X)

Down 3-2 in the series to the heavily favored New York Rangers, the New York Islanders captain, Mark Messier, famously declared, “We’re going to win this series.” His words became a rallying cry, and the Islanders pulled off the impossible, winning four straight games, capped off by Messier raising the Stanley Cup at a jubilant Nassau Coliseum.

3. 1989 Stanley Cup Finals 

What are the ten most cheerful moments in history of hockey?
1989 Stanley Cup Finals (Photo Source: X)

Mario Lemieux cemented his legend with one of the most iconic goals in NHL history. With the score tied in the deciding game, Lemieux received a pass, defied gravity with a behind-the-back stickhandling flourish, and deposited the puck past a stunned Patrick Roy. The celebration? Pure, unbridled joy, etched forever in the memories of hockey fans.

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4. 1970 Stanley Cup Playoffs

What are the ten most cheerful moments in history of hockey?
1970 Stanley Cup Playoffs (Photo Source: X)

Sometimes, even heartbreak can be a source of joy in a twisted way. In one of the most controversial moments in NHL history, a Bobby Orr slapshot appeared to cross the goal line, but the goal judge ruled otherwise. In a moment of comedic desperation, Bruins’ forward Phil Esposito furiously whacked the goalpost with his stick, a display of frustration that somehow became a symbol of Boston’s unwavering passion for the sport.

5. Any Stanley Cup Win

This might not be a singular moment, but a recurring one. Witnessing the pure, ecstatic joy of young players celebrating with their victorious team is a heartwarming tradition in hockey.  Whether it’s Nathan MacKinnon skating with the young Avalanche fan after their 2022 win, or Patrick Kane hoisting a Blackhawks jersey for a young admirer in 2013, these moments remind us of the beauty of the sport’s ability to inspire future generations.

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6. Willie O’Ree’s Debut – 1958 

What are the ten most cheerful moments in history of hockey?
Willie O’Ree’s Debut (Photo Source: X)

In 1958, Willie O’Ree shattered racial barriers in the NHL, becoming the first black player to lace up his skates in a regular-season game.  While the reception was not universally positive, O’Ree’s accomplishment was a source of immense pride for many, paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive league.

7. Gordie Howe’s Final Shift – 1979

What are the ten most cheerful moments in history of hockey?
Gordie Howe (Photo Source: X)

 At the age of 52, Gordie Howe, “Mr. Hockey” himself, decided to suit up for one last shift with his son Mark, then playing for the Hartford Whalers. It was a heartwarming display of family, respect for the game, and the unwavering spirit of competition that keeps players young at heart.

8. 2021-2022 NHL Season 

What are the ten most cheerful moments in history of hockey?
2021-2022 NHL Season (Photo Source: X)

The 2020-2021 season was a somber affair, played in empty arenas due to the pandemic. The return of fans in the 2021-2022 season was a cause for immense celebration.  The roar of the crowd, the chants, the camaraderie – it was a potent reminder of the electric atmosphere hockey thrives on.

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9. Any Minor Hockey Game 

This might seem like a small gesture, but for young players, it’s a big deal.  The Zamboni driver giving a wave or a salute to the kids on the ice is a moment of pure delight, a recognition of their passion for the sport that fuels dreams of future glory.

10. The Stanley Cup Handoff

It might be the simplest gesture: the victorious captain handing the Stanley Cup to a teammate to share the moment. Yet, there’s something incredibly emotional about it. The shared joy, the camaraderie, the culmination of a season’s work – it encapsulates everything that makes winning the Stanley Cup so special.


In conclusion, hockey is more than just a game with fast skates and flying pucks. It’s a sport filled with moments that bring immense joy and camaraderie. From the historic 1980 Olympics, where the underdog USA team triumphed, to Messier’s bold guarantee leading the Islanders to victory, and Mario Lemieux’s gravity-defying goal, each moment captures the spirit of pure, unbridled happiness in hockey.

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