When the team needs me, I will try to give my best : Mahmudullah

Bangladesh’s T20i Captain Mahmudullah recently in an interview with Cricbuzz expressed his thoughts on various aspects.

Mahmudullah who is Bangladesh’s T20i captain is not having a very great time in recent days. He has been through a lot of criticism after Bangladesh’s poor performance in the T20s.

In recent developments, he expressed his thoughts on various aspects. Cricbuzz quotes him saying  “I’m back as a bowler. When the team needs me, I will try to give my best.’ Notably, his back injury has prevented him from bowling but he now is confident to bowl after a lot of training.

Cricbuzz further quotes him saying as “Definitely, it (extra practice time) helps a lot. I believe match preparation is very important as it gets you started on the day before the game. We understand the importance of preparation.


“It feels like my fitness is at the highest level of my career. I have been working a lot with my fitness for the last few years. I’m trying to be as fit as possible. I’m doing extra running and gym training, balancing it as much as possible.”

He further told to Cricbuzz that “Since I bat in the late middle order, my contributions of 30-40 runs remained unnoticed. But I have to bat keeping the match situation in mind. I only focus on contributing to the team as much as possible and having said that,” he said.

“I also discuss with other players. Afif is doing well. I often talk to them and I like to share my knowledge. I also try to think the way they do. We also try to keep in mind how we can bat better in the late middle-order and give our best for the team. We sometimes succeed and sometimes we fail, but we try our best at all times.

“There is no change in my game. I’m trying to be as consistent as possible. I’m feeling good. Since I bat at six, I always feel I can deliver well when the team is in need. If I deliver well at the right time, it helps the team. We’ll get another chance tomorrow and I’m upbeat to do well,” Cricbuzz quoted Mahmudullah as saying.

He also told to Cricbuzz that “Certainly we are targeting 3-0. But I feel overall batting, bowling, and fielding-wise we are yet to play our best cricket,” he said. ”We have spoken among ourselves (that we are unable to perform to our potential) and I hope we can come up with our best performance.

“The top order collapsed while we failed to score heavily in the slog overs in the opening game, and I feel we need to sort it out and perform better in these circumstances. The wicket is good so far in this series. I think our batting should be better. And as I’ve said earlier, we are yet to deliver our best. I hope we can do it in the next game.

Concluding he said “”Every single match is important. Since this event is a part of the World Cup qualification, every match of this event is equally important to us. We still have a chance to claim 10 points, so why not? What I have said is we are yet to deliver our best. So we’ll try to do that and claim all 10 points,”Cricbuzz quoted Mahmudullah as saying.

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