World Champion’s League (WCL) 2024: Cricket Extravaganza Uniting Legends at Edgbaston Stadium

Get ready for the cricket spectacle of WCL 2024, featuring legends and iconic rivalries at Edgbaston Stadium. An event to remember!

In 2024, Edgbaston stadium will play host to a spectacular cricketing event – the World Champion’s League (WCL). This global T20 tournament is the brainchild of Zabawa Entertainment, a Bollywood film and music media production company with bases in India and Dubai.

WCL promises to feature cricketing legends, both retired and non-contracted, hailing from the six major powerhouses of world cricket – England, India, Pakistan, Australia, West Indies, and South Africa. It will revive some of the sport’s fiercest rivalries, including the iconic India vs. Pakistan clash, last witnessed at Edgbaston during the 2017 Champions Trophy.

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Harshit Tomar, Director of Zabawa Entertainment, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing WCL’s aim to rekindle the India-Pakistan rivalry and bring together cricket greats from England, Australia, South Africa, and the West Indies. Birmingham, known as a cricketing hub, was highlighted as the ideal location, considering its significant Indian and Pakistani communities.

Stuart Cain, Chief Executive at Edgbaston, echoed the enthusiasm, recognizing the stadium’s history of hosting some of the most momentous games in international cricket. It will be a remarkable experience to welcome back the heroes who played pivotal roles in those historic matches.

The tournament is scheduled for the summer of 2024, pending approval from the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and the release of the English domestic schedule in November 2023. Edgbaston will serve as the venue for the major group stage matches, semi-finals, and the final, with some group stage matches to be held at other grounds in Warwickshire.

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