WWE World Champion Bobby Lashley targets Brock Lesnar yet again

Lashley challenges The Beast once again for a match at Wrestlemania or else in the MMA ring.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has once again challenged “The Beast” Brock Lesnar for a match either in the WWE or else in the MMA ring. The Destructor has always desired to have a match with Lesnar for quite a few years now, but as he’s having a time of his life, Lashley wants to conquer everybody in the ring.

The Duo hasn’t faced each other in any professional match, And also there’s no plan made by the companies for the same whether it is UFC or WWE. But both the wrestlers have a unique styles and attributes of fighting and their fans would love to see them together in the ring as both have the same agility and toughness.

In the show called The Rich Eisen Show, Bobby Lashley issued a statement, where he said that he is ready to face Brock anywhere at any venue if WWE Commissioner Vince McMahon or UFC President Dana White is ready to host the match between them.

“I don’t really think that it’s a case of finding a venue to do it because I’m sure Vince would, I’m sure Scott would, I’m sure Dana would, I’m sure anybody would want to host that fight. It’s just Brock. It’s him, it’s him. I’m prepared, I’m ready. Brock and his people, whenever they think that it’s necessary, whenever they think it’s a big enough deal, then I think that they will go and step up, and I think at that point it’ll happen. Lashley was quoted saying.

For Now, Bobby Lashley is all set to step in the ring to defend his title against Drew McIntyre in WrestleMania 37, Let’s see if there are some plans of Brock Lesnar interfering in the match which could lead to the possible feud between The Dominator and The Beast.


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