17 Mumbai Gymnasts Triumph Over Challenges to Compete in Acrobatic Gymnastics Asian Championship

Despite financial constraints and obstacles, 17 dedicated young gymnasts from Mumbai will represent India at the Acrobatic Gymnastics Asian Championship in Uzbekistan.

Seventeen determined and talented young gymnasts from Mumbai have overcome financial hardships and various challenges to earn their spots to represent India at the upcoming Acrobatic Gymnastics Asian Championship in Uzbekistan, scheduled for October.

These aspiring gymnasts, ranging in age from 13 to 28, all hail from Lokmanya Shikshan Sanstha’s Shree Narayanrao Acharya Vidyaniketan (LSSSNAV) in Chembur, a prominent acrobatic gymnastics training center.

The group comprises two teams. The first team, consisting of Bhostekar Yadnyesh, Khannukar Samarth, Uniyal Namoh, and Gosavi Ashwin (aged 13-17), will participate in the Junior Team category as part of the Indian delegation, which includes a total of 46 athletes travelling to Tashkent.

The second team, composed of thirteen athletes, includes Jagdale Rutuja, Ekhande Priti, Khasase Aditya, Gosavi Akash, Gurav Achal, Renavkar Ashutosh, Dhokale Akshata, Patil Arna, Borade Sonali, Mahavar Naman, Borade Ritesh, Kothekar Kunal, and Gore Prashant (aged 15-28), and they will compete in the Senior’s category.

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These gymnasts represent various schools and backgrounds and have been trained by globally acclaimed coach Rahul Sasane, who is a recipient of the prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati Award. Additionally, they have been guided by two assistant coaches, Yogesh Pawar (also a Shiv Chhatrapati Award winner) and Sunil Ranpise, who have earned several accolades and honours for their coaching expertise.

Yogesh Pawar highlighted that many of these gymnasts have faced multiple obstacles and financial constraints, coming from modest backgrounds and dealing with limited infrastructure and resources. However, their unwavering commitment to excellence and their dream of participating in the prestigious event in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, from October 18-20, has driven them to overcome these challenges.

Remarkably, the coaches have been selflessly training these athletes for years, without charging any fees or remuneration, to keep costs manageable. Their dedication serves as an inspiration to the young gymnasts as they strive to bring glory to their nation on the international stage.

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