5 Players Behind India’s Dramatic Success in T20 World Cup 2024

In this article, we mention the 5 Players behind the success of Team India in the 2024 T20 World Cup 

India’s amazing performance in the T20 World Cup 2024 has secured India’s place in the final of the T20 World Cup. Which 5 players have contributed to these victories of Team India’s performance of Team India:

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma:


In the tournament, India’s dynamic captain Rohit Sharma was playing at the peak of his destructiveness. His leadership, both on and off the field, was important for building the team’s attitude. Rohit has excellent stroke work and the capacity to hit boundaries whenever he wanted gave the batting order confidence. He gave vital early starts, frequently creating a strong base that the middle order could build on. His choices as captain were smart; he called out the best in every player, creating a winning attitude. 

Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah:

India’s pace lead, Jasprit Bumrah, once again showed why he is among the world’s most deadly bowlers. Especially in the crucial last overs, his pinpoint yorkers and smart slower balls made him a real danger for the opposing batsmen. For India, Bumrah’s ability to bowl under pressure and take wickets at crucial times changed the match’s momentum. 

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Jasprit Bumrah

Surya Kumar Yadav:

In the T20 World Cup, Surya Kumar Yadav was a revelation. The combination of his unusual batting approach and his creative and improvisational skills confused bowlers. Surya was a nightmare to bowl against because of his command of every part of the field. He was adept at pushing the ball over the ropes and coming up with creative strokes to score boundaries. His fast strikes frequently relieved the other batsmen’s pressure and helped India reach dominating totals.

Axar Patel

Axar Patel: 

India’s left-arm spinner, Axar Patel became an important part of the bowling attack. It was quite helpful for him to be able to manage the run rate and take key wickets in the middle overs. Axar bowled with economy and performance, slowing down the pace at which the opposition gained runs.

Arshdeep singh

Arshdeep Singh: 

The young left-arm bowler Arshdeep Singh was India’s highest wicket-taker in this tournament. His ability to bowl quickly and swing the new ball made him a formidable offensive weapon. Early in the innings, he took significant wickets that gave India breakthroughs. His performance was a preview of things to come for the future and a monument to India’s potent bowling bench.

Look Ahead to T20 World Cup 2024

The combined brilliance of these 5 players, along with the valuable contributions of the entire team, scripted India’s glorious journey in the T20 World Cup 2024. Now it’s time to win the final against South Africa and bring back the trophy in India.

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