9 Unknown Facts About Sunil Chhetri You Didn’t Know 

In this article, we mention nine unknown facts about Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri you did not know 

Sunil Chhetri, the iconic captain of the Indian national football Team, is a name synonymous with goals and leadership. His dedication and talent have propelled him to legendary status in Indian football. But there’s more to Sunil Chhetri than just the incredible number of goals he’s scored. The following nine interesting facts highlight some of this inspirational football player’s unknown aspects.

9 Unknown Facts About Sunil Chhetri You Didn’t Know

  • Football Legacy


Chhetri has a strong passion for football. His father was a football player for the Indian Army squad, while his mother was a member of the Nepal national team. Given his upbringing in the center of the sport, it is understandable why Chhetri became passionate about it at an early age. His passion for the game was growing by his family, and this passion has continued to motivate his career.

Sunil Chhetri

  • Almost a Nepali National

Though he became an essential player for India, Chhetri’s birthplace allowed him to represent Nepal. But his true affection stuck in India, therefore he decided to represent the country he had lived in for the majority of his life. Not just for Chhetri’s career but also for Indian football, this choice turned out to be important.

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  • A Brush with English Football

The world was not blind to Chhetri’s capacity. He underwent trials with English teams, including Queens Park Rangers (QPR) and Coventry Rangers. Despite being unable to join QPR due to a work permit issue, the experience improved his skills and introduced him to a new style of play.

  • The MLS Pioneer 

Being the first Indian player to play in Major League Soccer (MLS) in the US is a choice that Chhetri owns. In 2010, he signed a contract with the Kansas City Wizards, who is now Sporting Kansas City, however, his time there was temporary. This innovative action made it possible for upcoming Indian football players to look into chances outside the country.

sunil chhetri (1)

  • From Momo to Veganism

Sunil Chhetri is committed to staying fit even outside of intense exercise. Over time, his eating preferences have changed. Although he admits that he enjoyed momos earlier in his career, he adopted a strict diet after observing European clubs such as Sporting Lisbon placing an intense focus on nutrition. He has adopted a vegan diet, joining the ranks of other legendary football players like Sergio Aguero.

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  • Sunil Chhetri-The Record Breaker

There is no denying Sunil Chhetri’s achievements in the field. With more than 145 games played in the blue jersey, he holds the record for most medals for the Indian national team. More significantly, he has scored an incredible 84 goals, making him India’s top goal-scorer. These recordings provide witness to his extraordinary talent and constant dedication.

  • Awarded and admired

There has been recognition for Chhetri’s contributions. The highest athletic award in India, the Khel Ratna Award, has only been given to one football player from India, and that player is himself. In addition, his record-tying seven AIFF Player of the Year victories show his consistent excellence.

sunil chhetri

  • An Inspiration Beyond Borders

The effect of Chhetri is not limited to a country. In Asia, he is regarded as an inspiration for young football players. His transformation from a young child chasing a dream to a national hero offers an important lesson on dedication as well as determination.

sunil chhetri

  • Life beyond football

Being a leader is more than just sporting a wristband. Chhetri is renowned for his positive thinking, work ethic, and humility. He inspires his teammates on and off the field since he is a great team player. He is an inspiration to young people throughout India, not just football players, because of his commitment to both the game and his nation.

The story of Sunil Chhetri is deeper than his achievements. It is evidence of the strength that comes from passion, commitment, and an unwavering search for greatness. He represents optimism for the future of Indian football and serves as an inspiration to a new generation of football players in the country. More incredible achievements from this famous player will be certain as long as he leads the Indian squad.

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