OTTAWA, ON, May 1, 2023 /CNW/ – In honour of the upcoming epic Canadian camping season, Scouts Canada (the country’s leading co-ed youth organization), is ‘going to the phones’ to help outdoor-challenged Canadians navigate common camping calamities. Starting May 1st, expert advice on the ten top camping conundrums will be available for free, 24/7, when calling Scouts Canada’s ‘Camptastic’ Helpline at 1-844-SCOUT101.

Why a call-in phone line?

While Scouts Canada is all about ‘being prepared’ and planning ahead to anticipate challenges, this call-in line is designed for campers who are caught in a pinch, already at campsites and struggling with common camping concerns.


What happens when I call in?

Confused Canadian campers will be able to call in, use simple number selections, and be directed to pre-recorded solutions from real Scouts and volunteer Scouters to get advice for trending campsite concerns, like “What’s a thunderbox?” or “The tent pole snapped…SOS”.

How else can Scouts help me?

In addition to the 1-844-SCOUT101 helpline, Canadians who have internet access on-site or while preparing for their trip, who may be less confident with their camping skills, can access helpful resources, guides and videos at

“As nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, Scouters live for camping, but we recognize that many Canadians may hesitate to benefit from the camping experience due to rusty skills or a lack of confidence,” said Mike Eybel, a volunteer Scouter of nine years with Scouts Canada. “A 24/7 helpline was the quickest, most practical and easiest way for us to support Canadians this camping season, wherever they’re at and whenever they need.”

Counting Down Canada’s Top Camping Conundrums:


1. Wild, Wild, Life

Mountain lions, wolf packs and bears, oh my!

When it comes to experiencing the benefits of nature in Canada, wildlife comes with the territory. Adventure with confidence in the great outdoors with these tips! 

Full tips list HERE  

Video: Wildlife Encounters & Food  Storage

2. Bear Necessities

Whether it’s keeping your food safe from little scavengers like raccoons, mice, and squirrels, or if you want to avoid attracting larger wildlife like bears, you’ll want to follow these quick tips.

Full tips list HERE  

Video: Wildlife Encounters & Food Storage

3. It’s like ‘ra-aaa-ain’ on your camping day

Sure, it’s ironic if a storm is raining on your (camping) day.

From setting up camp in the rain to getting dry if soaked to starting a campfire with wet wood, we’ve got tips to help you enjoy the outdoors—rain or shine!

Full tips list HERE  

Video: Weather Mishaps & Tent Tips

4. Gimme Shelter – tactical tent tips

Whether sleeping in a hammock between trees, cozy in a tent or in a sleeping bag near the fire, Scouts has tips and hacks for a perfect night outdoors. If you have damaged tent poles, need to make a tent repair in the field or want tips for sleeping beneath the stars, Scouts has you covered!

Full tips list HERE  

Video: Weather Mishaps & Tent Tips

5. Don’t be a Crappy Camper

What to do with an outhouse, thunderbox, or hole-in-the-ground approach

Depending on your campsite location, you may have a full-facility washroom, or you’ll be getting close and personal with nature using other approaches. Scouts has tips to keep in mind for responsible and workable waste disposal.

Full tips list HERE  


6. The ways of water 

When drinking water, it’s essential to make sure you’ve purified it for safe consumption—it’s also important to keep natural water sources free from unnatural contaminants when you’re using it to clean things. Scouts suggest what filter methods to use and how to dispose of greywater waste responsibly.

Full tips list HERE        

Video: Ways of the Water

7. ‘Bug Off’ – Crafty ways to keep insects at bay 

Can’t we all just get along? Whether we like it or not, the outdoors is home to a great many creatures aside from us, and it’s their right to frolic in their natural habitat. We’ve got the buzz on how to live in a buggy environment.

Full tips list HERE  

8. Treading Light-ly 

It was all fun and games till the sun set…

There are many ways to light up your night besides the traditional flashlight, headlamp or lantern. Packing solar or battery-powered rope or string lights, solar garden lights, or battery-powered tea candles are just a few ideas to brighten your campsite! 

Forgot your batteries, headlamp, flashlight or lantern? Scouts are here to help!

Full tips list HERE

9. First Aid FUNdamentals 

Despite being prepared and mindful of our surroundings, sometimes cuts, scrapes, and sprains can still happen. For tips on treating basic injuries, Scouts has some basic first aid advice. For emergencies or serious injuries, you’re going to want to seek medical attention or immediately dial 911.

Full tips list HERE    

Video: First Aid FUNdamentals

10. Up the creek without a paddle

Don’t panic—it’s okay if you’ve lost a paddle or flipped your watercraft; we’ve all been there! Scouts have reminders for watercraft prep before your adventure, guides for how to correct a flipped vessel and tips for securing items before your trip so that you don’t lose anything in case of a flip.

Full tips list HERE      

Video: Tipping Point


Research from Statistics Canada shows that the majority of youth in Canada, aged 12-17, don’t get enough physical activity in a day, while an impact study from World Scouting found that Scouts are 18% more physically active than their peers, leading to greater independence and the ability to take on responsibility.

When youth stay active and connect with nature, they experience a world of opportunities to develop resiliency, adaptability and confidence. By embracing new experiences and overcoming fun challenges, Scouts realize their capabilities and discover skills that set them up for success—in the great outdoors and in life.

That’s why Scouts Canada wants to help even more Canadian youth and their families experience the benefits of getting outside this camping season.

About Scouts Canada

Kids and young adults in Scouts chart their own path of discovery. Through a variety of fun experiences with friends, outdoor adventures and contributions to their community, Scouts build resilience and skills that set them up for life. Scouts Canada is the country’s leading co-ed youth organization, offering programming for children and youth aged 5-26 in multiple languages, reflecting Canada’s multicultural landscape and communities. For more information, visit

Scouts Canada is a not-for-profit organization (Charitable Registration No.10776 1694 RR0028) and a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.


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