Check out the New and Trending Emerging Esports Startups in India

When esports has become a huge industry, the esports start-ups had to start off to assist not only the players but also coaches.

The activity of competitive gaming is increasingly gaining popularity among people of all ages and interests. What was previously thought to be something children performed in their parents’ basements has developed into a billion-dollar business. By 2022, it is anticipated that esports will generate $3.2 billion in global income. This demonstrates that esports is more widely accepted than ever before, and they are just continuing to grow.

Men and women between the ages of 13 and up make up the esports audience. Along with the income potential, an increasing number of spectators are entering the realm of esports. This industry continues to expand thanks to gradual advances made each year.

Emerging Esports Startup in India:


There are a few firms you’ll want to keep an eye on as more enter the esports market. More new businesses will move up the corporate ladder and succeed as the industry develops more quickly.

Here goes the list…


To calculate stats and engage in challenges, gamers run G-Loot while they play their favourite supported games. The program listens for specific game events. This start-up offers in-game criticism and skill improvement to players.

  • A minimal overlay that doesn’t impede the gameplay
  • Instantly join challenges within the game.
  • View gaming statistics without tying together several game IDs and accounts
  • 5-year increase in searches: 860%
  • Growth status of searches: Regular
  • Founded in 2015
  • Sweden’s Stockholm is the place.
  • Financed at $98.6 million (series unknown)


A mobile and desktop esports betting platform is called Rivalry. The CEO of Rivalry claims that the business expanded 10 times in 2020. saw a 640% increase in revenue in 2021. The parent company of Rivalry, PMML, has raised $22 million for the esports betting and media businesses. The Toronto, Canada-based PMML reported that the round was oversubscribed, bringing its total funding in the past 12 months to $44 million.

  • 5-year increase in searches: 3800%
  • Growth status of searches: Regular
  • Founded in 2017
  • Location: Isle of Man, Douglas
  • Funding: $ 42 million (Unknown Series)

EVOS Esports 

Over 200 players and influencers in Southeast Asia are partners with the esports company EVOS Esports. The business claims that since the start of 2020, income from its live-streaming section has doubled. Players can keep track of forthcoming games and view previous outcomes for their preferred teams.

  • 5-year increase in searches: 2550%
  • The growth of searches is exponential.
  • Founded in 2016,
  • Singapore is the base location.
  • Budget: $16.4 million (Series B)

Play VS

A platform for esports is run by Play VS for high school and college students. The company’s software offers a complete solution, with support for tournaments, skill-based scheduling, and statistics. Anyone who wants to play esports and create a community can do so on PlayVS. There are leagues for high school, college, and youth players, making it the ideal platform for amateurs. League competition lasts for two seasons, after which there are playoffs, and a winner is declared.

Among the Play VS Leagues are:

  • High school leagues give students the chance to compete against students from other schools in the US and Canada.
  • There are additional college leagues and competitions in the USA and Canada.
  • The ability to play with pals from down the road, across town, or in another state is provided by youth leagues.
  • 5-year increase in searches: 400%
  • Growth status of searches: peaked
  • established in 2018
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Cost: $106.2 million (Series C)

In this field, an increasing number of sponsored esports start-ups are surfacing, ranging from high school esports to data analytics. You are building a full industry environment. It would be intriguing to track the development of those start-ups and find out what the esports market will look like in 2022 and beyond.

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