Chinese Media Restricted their Channel Viewers to Witness Unmasked Spectators of FIFA World Cup

As the unmasked spectators of the FIFA World Cup agitate the people residing in China. Here’s a glimpse of the reactions that were circulated on social media platforms.

As the world recently has undergone a drastic change since the last two years. The pandemic has nearly disrupted the lifestyle of every single individual. However, right now when the entire world has gone back to normal, the country of China is still facing the same. The citizens are still bound to follow the COVID-19 restrictions. In such a context, the Chinese Media Channels have blurred the spectators while broadcasting the tournament matches. 


As it is known to all, China is still carrying on with their attempts of putting an end to the increasing spread of Covid-19. The country has also continued to shut down entire cities, seal off the neighbourhoods and impose mandatory tests on millions residing over there. According to reports, the country is currently driven by the fast-spreading Omicron variant, with daily cases reaching  around 29,157 a day in the country. Moreover, the authorities have put around a quarter part of the total Chinese population under a similar form of lockdown, as per reports. 

Given such a situation, the unmasked spectators enjoying the tournament at Qatar seem to have enraged the citizens, thereby reacting and criticising the initiatives of their governing body. Furthermore, the World Cup matches are said to be broadcasted by the state-owned “CCTV”. The CCTV was, however, the same broadcasting channel that came up with the chaos and death reports caused by the pandemic in other states. Also, an open letter is said to surface with the question,  ‘if China and Qatar belong to the same planet?’ 

Numerous users took to the social media platforms expressing their disappointments over the matter. As one of the users wrote, “The World Cup has allowed most Chinese people to see the real situation abroad, and worry about the economy of the motherland, and their own youth”. While another stated, “Some people are watching World Cup matches in person with no masks, some have been locked at home for a month, locked on campus for two months without even being able to step out the door”. 

Moreover, the public agitations over recent scenarios have recently resulted in rare protests, which also include one in southern China’s Guangzhou, where numerous residents gathered on the streets in defiance of a compulsory lockdown. 

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