Common poker mistake to avoid

Poker is a game that requires fast thinking, critical reasoning, and patience. Not everybody possesses the skills and patience to avoid making some common mistakes.

To go from being an average poker player to a top player, there are some little and not so little mistakes that must be avoided. These mistakes are common amongst amateur players. However, even semi-professional players make these mistakes.

Playing Too Many Hand And Playing Too Few Hands

Playing too many hands is a fast way to lose money as it will make you predictable. Same way playing too tight will cause you to miss out on profitable spots.

Hence it’s important that you try to strike a balance in your play. A combination of good hands and good old bluff will make your game harder to predict and increase your chances.

Not Having A Strategy

Most beginners don’t understand the need for a strategy so they go into a game without one thus making it easier for their opponents to control the game.

By having a strategy, you will be able to play a more calculated game and make better decisions while keeping an eye on the game.

Repeating The Same Strategy In Every Situation

A common mistake in poker is the repetition of a strategy in every situation. Applying the same strategy in every play won’t always work.

Different players require different approaches and repeating a strategy will leave you exposed. Hence you need to learn different plays and different countering measures.

Trying To Be Fancy

Newbies and amateur poker players often tend to want to hide their inexperience by attempting to play in a fancy manner. For example, they often lead with their weak hands then resorting to their strong hands when it’s already too late.

Poker is a game that requires quality and timely decision making. There’s no need to try to be fancy or over complicate your game. Once you see that you have a strong hand it’s wise to take advantage of it while you can.

Failure To Practice

The saying that practice makes perfect is true for the game of poker. The failure to practice makes you lose touch with the things you’ve learnt.

One of the mistakes that pro poker players avoid is a failure to practice. They understand that practicing is required to stay sharp and they practice consistently.

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Letting Your Emotions Take Control

Staying emotionally in control is something that pro poker players have mastered. Keeping control of your emotions is not easy especially when you have lost a big hand or if you have a lot at stake.

Losing your emotions can lead to poor decisions that might cost you the game. Losing your emotions is one very expensive mistake in poker.

Consistent Bluffing

Bluffing is a good strategy especially when you have a strong hand. However when you make a habit of bluffing you make it easier for your opponents to spot and you lose the power in your bluff.

Learning when to bluff is a skill that’s developed overtime and it takes discipline to avoid the temptation of over bluffing.

Ignoring The Opponents

Losing track of the opponent is a common mistake in poker. Once you lose the ability to read your opponent, you lose touch of the game.

Keeping an eye on the opponent helps you to spot tells and let you know when to hit aggressively. Losing the opponent is a mistake that pro poker players avoid making.

Overworking Themselves

Poker is a game that can be both physically and mentally draining especially if you’re a mid or amateur player. One mistake some players make is to play for long hours without taking a break.

Even in tournaments, there are breaks to give the players a chance to refresh their mind and body. When playing, try to take a break and rest for a few minutes. This way you won’t burn out fast.

Betting More Than You Should

In poker betting more than you can afford will not only negatively affect your game, it will also be financially irresponsible.

When you bet more than you can afford, you become afraid to lose your chips and this makes you adopt a more passive approach. Playing passively does not only reduce your chances of winning, it also makes you lose faster.

Playing In Bad Games

A terrible mistake some players make in poker is not knowing when to cut their losses and walk away especially when things aren’t in their favor.

Sometimes, you can come up against better players who have answers to all your plays. Instead of getting emotional and attempting to prove a point, it’s better to walk away.


The difference between a good poker player and an average or poor poker player is the tendency to make little or no mistakes that can throw away the game.

Common mistakes in poker are common for a reason. It takes conscious effort and practicing to learn to avoid these mistakes.

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