Eight Ice Hockey Equipment Brands Manufacturer For Players

In this article, we have mentioned information related to the top eight Ice hockey equipment brands manufacturer in the world, explaining in detail.

Top eight Ice Hockey equipment manufacturer

1. Bauer 

Eight Ice Hockey Equipment Brands Manufactured For Players
Bauer (Photo Source: Wikipedia)


Bauer is a big company that makes gear for ice hockey. Even though they are not an official sponsor of the Olympics, many Olympic hockey players like to use Bauer equipment because it is known for being good. It is very popular in the NHL, with about 90% of players using at least one piece of their gear. This popularity extends to the Olympics, where a lot of players from different countries wear Bauer skates, sticks, helmets, and other protective gear. Bauer is still a top choice for professional and elite hockey players all around the world.

2. CCM

Eight Ice Hockey Equipment Brands Manufactured For Players
CCM (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

CCM is a Canadian brand of ice hockey equipment owned and manufactured by Sport Maska Inc. While CCM is a popular brand among professional and amateur hockey players around the world, they are not currently directly involved in manufacturing equipment specifically for the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has strict rules and regulations regarding sponsorship and branding at the Olympic Games. However, many different ice hockey equipment brands which include CCM, are used by athletes at the Olympics. 

3. Warrior

Eight Ice Hockey Equipment Brands Manufactured For Players
Warrior (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Warrior is a prominent ice hockey equipment brand, but it is not currently manufactured in countries that participate in the Olympics. While Warrior hockey equipment is used by some professional and amateur players around the world, the manufacturing facilities of the company are primarily located in China and Vietnam. These countries are not eligible to compete in the Olympics as they do not have their own National Olympic Committees (NOCs) recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

4. True Hockey

Eight Ice Hockey Equipment Brands Manufactured For Players
True (Photo Source: YouTube)

True Hockey is a rising brand known for its innovative equipment and partnership with USA Hockey, they haven’t yet reached the level of established giants like Bauer and CCM who dominate the Olympic scene. These established brands have a long history of supplying equipment to professional athletes and have secured official partnerships with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), the governing body for Olympic hockey.

5. Sher-Wood

Eight Ice Hockey Equipment Brands Manufactured For Players
Sher-Wood (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Sher-Wood is a well-established brand in ice hockey equipment, it has not been directly involved in manufacturing equipment specifically for the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) does not have official equipment suppliers for sports like hockey, and each athlete or team is responsible for choosing their gear. However, Sher-Wood does hold a significant position in the wider ice hockey equipment landscape. They are one of the last remaining manufacturers of wooden sticks in Canada, and their products are popular among both professional and amateur players. It’s certainly possible that individual athletes competing in the Olympics might choose to use Sher-Wood equipment.

6. STX

Eight Ice Hockey Equipment Brands Manufactured For Players
STX (Photo Source: X)

While STX is a well-respected brand in ice hockey equipment. It caters to a broader range of players, from beginners and recreational enthusiasts to competitive athletes at various levels. They offer equipment suitable for different age groups and skill sets, making them accessible to players beyond the elite Olympic level. It is true that some professional players, including those who may have participated in the Olympics, choose to use STX equipment. They aim to provide high-quality ice hockey gear for players of all abilities, allowing them to enjoy the sport and improve their skills.

7. Easton

Eight Ice Hockey Equipment Brands Manufactured For Players
Easton (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Easton was once a prominent brand in ice hockey equipment, and their products were used by professional players including Olympians. It is now under the BRG Sports umbrella and primarily focuses on producing ice hockey equipment for the general market, catering to players of various skill levels. Although some professional players which include past Olympians, have used Easton equipment, the company doesn’t have a program specifically dedicated to outfitting individual athletes for the Olympics.

8. Graf

Graf is a well-established brand specializing in ice hockey equipment, particularly renowned for their high-quality skates and was founded in 1921, they have a longstanding reputation for crafting comfortable, innovative, and performance-driven skates favored by players of all levels, from amateurs to professionals. While their core expertise lies in skates, Graf has expanded their product line to include hockey sticks, gloves, pants, and other protective gear, catering to the comprehensive needs of players on the ice. Players take the equipment from this brand to play in events like the Olympics.


This article explored eight leading ice hockey equipment brands which shows their strengths and Olympic involvement. While Bauer and CCM dominate the Olympic scene, brands like Warrior and True are rising stars. Established names like Sher-Wood and STX cater to diverse player skill levels, while Graf offers high-quality equipment across various categories. Ultimately, players choose gear based on personal preferences and needs, making the ice hockey equipment landscape rich and diverse.

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