Football’s Global Shuffle: 2024 Sees Record 5,073 International Transfers!

Explore the groundbreaking 2024 January transfer window with a record-breaking 5,073 international transfers in men’s and women’s football. Uncover the spending trends and standout performances in this footballing extravaganza.

A historic surge marked the 2024 January transfer window in men’s and women’s football, with a remarkable 5,073 international transfers recorded. FIFA’s recently unveiled International Transfer Snapshot Report sheds light on the details following the closure of this global footballing spectacle.

In the realm of men’s football, 4,716 transfers took place, showcasing a 0.6% increase compared to 2023. Although the USD 1.46 billion spent on transfer fees is 8.2% below the previous year’s record, it still ranks as the second-highest spending level ever witnessed in January.

Notably, French clubs stole the limelight in January 2024, leading the spending charts with a staggering USD 291.9 million. This marked more than a twofold increase from their expenditures in the previous January window. Meanwhile, English clubs, despite an 80% decrease from their 2023 record, secured the second-highest collective spending across all associations.


In the women’s football arena, a new spending record was set, reaching USD 2.1 million, marking a remarkable 165.5% surge from January 2023. While the total number of international women’s transfers remained stable at 357, a slight 0.3% increase was observed compared to the previous year.

England and Spain jointly led the way in incoming transfers for women’s football, each notching up 29 transfers. On the outgoing front, Sweden and the USA stood shoulder to shoulder with 30 transfers each, as highlighted in the FIFA report.

This marks the fourth consecutive year of FIFA providing a snapshot shortly after the culmination of the international January transfer window, presenting a comprehensive overview of global transfers involving both male and female players.


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