Former Indian footballer Fortunato Franco dies

The midfielder was instrumental in India’s successful 1962 Asian Games campaign which saw India winning a gold medal, breathed his last in Goa today.

Former India footballer Fortunato Franco has succumbed to old age earlier today.

The footballer played an important role in India’s Asian Game gold medal in 1962 in Jakarta. He provided a match-winning assist in the final match against South Korea.

Mourning the death of the former Indian legend, the All India Football Federation president Praful Patel said, “It is crushing to hear that Mr. Fortunato Franco is no more.”


“He was an individual from the Indian Football’s magnificent era who assumed a critical part in India winning the Gold Medal in the 1962 Asian Games. His commitment to Indian Football can never be neglected. I share the sadness.”

AIFF General Secretary, Kushal Das said: “Mr. Fortunato Franco will be alive in his accomplishments. He assumed a monstrous part in India winning the Gold Medal in the 1962 Asian Games. He was an amazing footballer who has been a motivation to such countless ages. My sympathies to his family. We appeal to God for his spirit to find happiness in the hereafter.”

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