Gautam Gambhir starts free mobile medical unit for poor patients!

Former Indian Cricket Gautam Gambhir on Tuesday shows a very good as he starts free mobile medical units for poor people.

Former Indian Cricketer on Tuesday took to Twitter and informed that he is going to start free mobile medical units for poor people. Gautam Gambhir has shown a very good gesture in this hour of need when the country is facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gautam Gambhir shared pictures of mobile medical units on his official Twitter handle. He further quoted that ” Poor patients are having to wait for days to get back home due to lack of transport. Starting FREE mobile medical unit for their comfort! Hope they benefit. Jai Hind .”


Notably, Gautam Gambhir has been very active in helping citizens since the outbreak of COVID-19. From providing Fabiflu to distributing oxygen concentrators, he has shown his kind character amid this pandemic.

India is facing a catastrophic wave of COVID-19. Although the daily cases have come down in the last few days the death toll is still very disturbing. On a bigger note, the danger is still not over. People still have to follow the COVID-19 appropriate protocols strictly

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