India Shines in 2024 FIDE Candidates Chess Tournament in Toronto

Discover the historic 2024 FIDE Candidates chess tournament in Toronto, featuring India’s exceptional contributions and a unique brother-sister duo competing for world chess glory.

The upcoming 2024 FIDE Candidates chess tournament, scheduled from April 3-23 in Toronto, Canada, boasts several groundbreaking features, with India playing a significant role in these unprecedented achievements.

FIDE, in unveiling the general tournament regulations, disclosed that the Toronto event will mark two firsts for the chess community: the inaugural instance of the Candidates being hosted in North America and the simultaneous occurrence of the Open and Women’s Candidates tournaments.

India’s contribution to these historic firsts is notable. A substantial representation from India, including Grandmasters R. Praggnanandhaa, D. Gukesh, Vidit Santosh Gujrathi in the Open category, and GM Koneru Humpy along with Woman GM R. Vaishali in the Women’s section, signifies the nation’s formidable presence vying for top honors.


Additionally, the tournament will witness a unique occurrence as a brother-sister duo, Praggnanandhaa, and Vaishali, competes in the open and women’s sections, both striving for the coveted title of world challenger.

FIDE highlighted that the event, featuring 16 top-world players split between the open and women’s categories, boasts a combined prize fund of 750,000 euros, with 500,000 allocated for the Open and 250,000 for the Women’s event.

Toronto’s historic Great Hall is chosen as the battlefield for this elite chess competition, with 14 rounds of a double round-robin tournament. Spectators will have the opportunity to witness the intensity of matches and experience the thrill of seeing top-world players in action.

The tournament’s format includes players from the same federation facing each other in specific rounds, ensuring a challenging and diverse competition. Withdrawals after completing 50% or more of games will result in defaulted remaining games, while withdrawals before this threshold will annul all results.

FIDE specified the time control for the Open category and the Women’s section, providing a detailed breakdown of the game’s duration and increments per move.

In terms of prize money, the Open category winner is set to receive 48,000 euros, with decreasing amounts for subsequent positions. The Women’s section’s prize money is half of the Open category, with the winner taking home 24,000 euros.

To discourage early draw agreements, FIDE implemented a rule stating that no draw agreement can occur before Black’s 40th move, adding an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness to the tournament.


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