IOC President Thomas Bach Commends Hangzhou’s Sustainable Approach to Asian Games

Thomas Bach, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) president, praises Hangzhou’s organization of the 19th Asian Games, highlighting sustainability and a low carbon footprint as key features.

The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, has lauded the organizing committee of the Hangzhou Asian Games for their meticulous preparations, expressing his anticipation of an Asian Games that will establish new benchmarks.

Bach, presently in Hangzhou to participate in the opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games, paid a visit to the Asian Games Athletes Village on Saturday and engaged with several international athletes.

When discussing his outlook for the Asian Games in Hangzhou, Bach remarked, “We can eagerly anticipate an Asian Games that will redefine various aspects. This event features numerous new sports and a well-organized utilization of China and Hangzhou’s digital expertise.”

Bach went on to emphasize, “We can anticipate that these Games will be conducted in an exceptionally sustainable manner, marked by a substantial reduction in the carbon footprint and an extensive waste management system.”

He also underscored the athletes’ contentment with their conditions in the Athletes Village based on his conversations with them. According to the IOC president, the venues are exceptional, and the athletes are eager to deliver their finest performances.

“Most significantly, with the Athletes Village, they are enthusiastic about showcasing their talents in the state-of-the-art venues of these Asian Games,” he stated.

He concluded by noting the efficiency, hospitality, and warm smiles of the Chinese organizers and volunteers, expressing confidence that the event will be a remarkable success.

While cost-effectiveness has often been a concern for organizers of large multi-sport, international events, the Hangzhou Asian Games’ organizing committee is promoting these Games as an environmentally friendly and low-cost endeavor, with simplicity and sustainability as their guiding principles.



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