Know the Details of Esports Expansion Led by Generation Esports

Get to know everything about the Generation Esports company and the varied things it is engaged in today.

Generation Esports is a leading advertising and media company that links brands with esports fans. It offers tactical solutions to improve competitive and academic esports at all levels and has partnered with a global leader in gaming communities where players can connect, perform, and learn together.

Generation Esports will run and support Playfly Esports’ high school state association partners as the industry leader in educational esports. It is led by the country’s largest high school esports organization, the High School Esports League (HSEL). The Arizona Interscholastic Association, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, and the Louisiana High School Athletic Association supports Generation Esports as the first step in the strategic alignment.

Charles O’Donnell, VP of Playfly Esports, said, “Generation Esports empowers us to give a holistic scholastic esports package that includes competition, curriculum, and coaching materials.”


Gaming Concept of GE  

In addition to serving as the competitive operator for Playfly Esports high school properties, Generation Esports will offer its unique and useful Gaming Concepts curriculum to all Playfly Esports partners. The accredited and peer-reviewed curriculum incorporates CTE, ISTE, and SEL standards. Schools adopting gaming concepts have reported increased student grade point averages and up to 10% increases in attendance since 2018.

This fall, Generation Esports will begin a partnership with Playfly Esports, administering the former’s entirely dedicated events for state athletic associations while also assisting them in their quest to compete in HSEL’s fall and spring majors.

All gamers may compete, create, and learn together at Generation Esports, which makes it simple for communities of all ages and backgrounds to interact and connect through video games. Generation Esports, one of the biggest sites for gamers, has had more than 200,000 registered players and more than 5,000 partner schools since 2012.

The Activities Supported by GE 

The Middle School Esports League (MSEL), Military Gaming League (MGL), and High School Esports League (HSEL), the largest and most established competitive gaming organizations for high school students in the United States, are owned and run by Generation Esports. It also provides support for numerous other organizations. Beyond contests, Generation Esports promotes educational opportunities through the writing and publishing of gaming concepts and the establishment of esports labs in educational institutions across the nation.

Generation Esports believes they have discovered a viable, academically supported solution. They mustn’t block the use of eSports as a teaching tool in the interest of economic expansion.

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