MOC approves procurement of pole vault landing pit for CWG medalist Tejaswin Shankar

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) Mission Olympic Cell (MOC) has provided financial assistance for Commonwealth Games (CWG) medalist Tejaswin Shankar to acquire a landing pit for pole vault training at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in preparation for the upcoming Asian Games.

Tejaswin Shankar, who won a medal at the CWG, will receive financial support from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports’ Mission Olympic Cell (MOC) to purchase a pole vault landing pit at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium as part of his preparations for the 2018 Asian Games.

“Tejaswin, who qualified for the High Jump and Decathlon events of the Asian Games 2022, will exclusively be using the pole vault pit till the Asian Games next month and post the event, the pit can be used by all practising athletes at the JLN Stadium.

“The Landing Pit (10m x 6.8m x 81), Rain Cover for the pit and the shipping cost for the same will be covered under Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) funding,” the ministry release said.


Along with Tejaswin, MOC authorised financial support for pistol shooter Rahi Sarnobat’s training and participation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After beginning his training in Rio on September 2, Rahi will compete in the ISSF Rio World Cup through September 19. She and her physical therapist Aishwarya Deshpande’s travel expenses, housing and board costs, local transportation expenses, Rahi’s range and training costs, storage costs for her weapons, visa and insurance costs, entry fees, among other expenses, will all be covered by TOPS.

The proposal for shooter Elavenil Valarivan to compete in the ISSF Rio World Cup was also approved by MOC along with Rahi’s.

Additionally, Sarnobat’s requests for barrel testing, grip modification, and ammo testing in Europe as well as shooter Abhidnya Ashok Patil’s request for Neil Grip manufacturing (grip customization) in Munich, Germany, will all receive financing from TOPS.

According to the ministry, TOPS will pay for the participants’ airfare, local transportation expenses, grip customization fees, weapon servicing changes, custom fees, gun permit fees, and ammunition costs, among other expenses.

For the 20 days of training that Swastika Ghosh and Payas Jain will spend in Japan working with Coach Qui Jian Xian, TOPS will pay for their participation in a number of events.

While Skopje and Swastika’s participation in the WTT Contender Almaty will be funded by TOPS, Payas’ participation in the WTT Star Contender and the WTT Feder and WTT Feeder Stockholm will be supported by TOPS.

The same plan will cover the airfare, accommodations, and all fees associated with the paddler.


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