Montse Tome Appointed as Spain’s Women’s Team Coach Following Vilda’s Dismissal

The Spanish Football Federation announces Montse Tome as the new coach of Spain’s women’s football team after Jorge Vilda’s removal.

Montse Tome Appointed as Spain’s Women’s Team Coach After Jorge Vilda’s Removal

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has officially announced the departure of Jorge Vilda as the coach of the Spanish Women’s Football team. Following his removal, Montse Tome, who had been serving as Vilda’s assistant since 2018, has stepped into the role.

Montse Tome will assume leadership responsibilities immediately and is set to guide the team in their upcoming UEFA Nations League fixtures against Sweden and Switzerland, scheduled for September 22 and 26, respectively, as reported by Xinhua.

Jorge Vilda had held his position as head coach since 2015. However, his tenure faced significant challenges, including a controversial incident in September 2022 when 15 members of the women’s squad opted not to play for Spain under his leadership.

The players expressed concerns about inadequate preparation and training sessions and raised objections to Vilda’s allegedly overbearing behaviour. Accusations emerged that he was excessively involved in their personal lives, inquiring about their whereabouts, shopping purchases, and even insisting they leave their hotel doors unlocked.

The decision to remove Vilda from his coaching role followed closely after the RFEF issued an apology for the actions of the suspended RFEF President, Luis Rubiales. Rubiales had faced criticism for making inappropriate gestures and kissing Spain player Jenni Hermoso during the celebrations of Spain’s 1-0 victory over England in the World Cup final just over two weeks prior.

During the dispute, Rubiales had publicly supported Vilda, and only three of the 15 players who withdrew from the national team were included in the World Cup squad. However, Rubiales’ suspension, coupled with Vilda’s endorsement of a speech Rubiales delivered on August 25, in which he declined to resign and criticized “false feminists,” added to the pressure on Vilda.

The situation escalated when Vilda’s entire coaching staff, including Montse Tome, collectively resigned, and the players declared their refusal to play further matches until Rubiales stepped down.



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