NBA Controversies: Magic vs. Lakers – 2009 NBA Finals

In this article we will highlight a well-renowned conspiracy theory related to the 2009 NBA Finals – Magic vs. Lakers. Read to know more about them.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has faced numerous criticisms from sports publications, enthusiasts, and even its own players. In this article we will highlight a well-renowned conspiracy theory related to the 2009 NBA Finals – Magic vs. Lakers.

2009 NBA Finals – Magic vs. Lakers

The 2009 NBA Finals spotlighted a forgettable matchup between the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers. The ‘Disney Series’ was scornfully dubbed. Having followed the knee injury of Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett, many enthusiasts asserted that it should have been a rematch between Cleveland and the Lakers, with a tussle of superstars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, while others suspected the Magic should really have won the title rather than the Lakers, due to many calls that were alleged to have been preferring the Lakers, along with nine out of ten experts preferring the Lakers to be the champion team, especially in comparison to the Magic.

Many of the reports also dropped hints at Jameer Nelson’s coming back to the line-up during the regular season, in which he led the Magic to a season-ending sweep of the Lakers after suffering a torn labrum in his right shoulder during a home match against Dallas on February 2, 2009. However, it was later revealed that he planned to play. With the Lakers leading the series 2-0, the series returned to Orlando for game three. A contentious call on Dwight Howard for trying to block Kobe Bryant has sparked worries about the league’s bias toward Los Angeles. Bryant only made one of two free throw attempts after the call. Los Angeles had a poor free throw percentage in the game, which led to Orlando’s victory.

In Game 4, the most strenuous phase of the game came during the initial half. Before half – time, the Magic led by 12 points and outplayed the Lakers by as many as 49-37. The Lakers completely outplayed the Magic 30-14 in the third quarter to take a 67-62 lead. Stan Van Gundy was brought into question after the game because of a desire to keep Jameer Nelson playing for the rest of the fourth quarter, particularly with the judgement regarding whether or not to foul Orlando with 11 seconds left, which finally resulted in their demise heading into overtime following Derek Fisher whacking a decisive 3-pointer to tie it at 87 due to Nelson’s poor defence.

Another objection occurred during overtime, when Nelson and Lewis double-teamed Bryant. Nelson was hit by Bryant’s elbow and no foul was called, before Fisher hit another 3-pointer to tie the game at 94-91, giving the Lakers a 3-1 lead. Having followed another infamous series years ago, in which a related incident occurred in Game 6 of that season’s Western Conference Finals after Kobe’s elbow to Mike Bibby with much less than 30 seconds left, this raised questions about which calls the referees refused to call. Only this time with Jameer Nelson but was turned down.

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