Haryana’s Parvez Khan Wins Gold and Bronze at SEC Championship USA

19-year-old Parvez Khan, a Haryana farmer’s son, wins gold in the 1500m and bronze in the 800m at the SEC Championship 2024. Read about his journey and Olympic aspirations.

Parvez Khan, a Haryana farmer’s kid, won his qualifying by winning gold medals in the SEC Championship in the USA on May 11. Parvez won the gold medal in the 1500-metre event in Louisiana in 3:42.73 seconds.

The 19-year-old Indian surpassed his opponents, coming late from behind to take pole position in the final 100-meter race and eventually winning by a large margin. He’d topped in the heat before and was a whole different beast.

After this, Parvez won a bronze medal in the 800-meter race. The Indian runner later disclosed his race. He told the media after the race, “1500 meters was simple for me. I didn’t give it my all in the race since I had to run 800 meters right after. I was running at a nice speed and only got to the last 200.


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Runner was seen gesturing at the audience throughout his successful race, but he said it was only to ‘promote’ the crowd. I did it to cheer the crowd, my intentions were not negative against my competitors, and I appreciated my opponents. I’m not criticizing them, I did it only for my home audience.”

Parvez aims to compete in the Olympics, but he is concerned that entering the Paris Olympics may be too soon. Yes, representing India in the Paris Olympics is on my mind, but as you know, qualifying at 3:33 is difficult. I work hard every day and carry out my plans in the hope that one day I can meet Olympic standards,” said the 19-year-old.

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Parvez, in particular, has won a gold medal in the National Games and is the first Indian to qualify for the track event final at the NCAA Championship. He was representing the University of Florida, where he got a scholarship last year.

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