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CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Due to the high price of sports lighting fixtures, many football, cricket or baseball stadium owners may have a headache when they need to replace the stadium lights. In fact, the cost of stadium lights is approximately between $20,000 and $300,000, depending on the size of the venue, the type of sport, the level of competition, the height of light poles, the number of light poles and other factors. This guide is intended to provide guidance for stadium owners or electrical contractors to save on stadium lights cost.

1. Replacing LED stadium lights to save running cost

Believe it or not, there are still many football or football fields that use metal halide or mercury vapor lamps. The problem is that these HID lamps have low energy efficiency and short lifespan. This means that compared with LED lights, if metal halide lights are used, more wattage is required to illuminate the stadium.

For example, the energy efficiency of LED stadium lights is 5 times higher than that of metal halides. Therefore, the brightness produced by a 1000W LED lamp is equivalent to a 5000W HID lamp. The LED replacement can greatly reduce the running cost of stadium lights. Sometimes we can save $5,000 to $15,000 in running cost of stadium lighting fixtures per year.

Moreover, the lifespan of LED lamps reaches about 120,000 hours, which is 10 times that of metal halide lamps. Due to the longer life span the installation cost and maintenance cost of the stadium can be reduced in the long run.

2. Using shorter poles to reduce light loss

Light loss occurs when the light beam passes through the air. Since the light intensity attenuation increases with distance, the use of short poles helps save the cost of stadium lighting. Football fields or cricket ground do not need extra lumens to prevent light loss.

When designing football or cricket stadium lighting, the best pole height is about 18 to 30 meters. By adopting the correct light pole height, the cost of stadium lights can be saved approximately $10,000 to $20,000. If the pole is too short, says less than 12 meters, the stadium floodlights will produce obvious glare and blind the athletes. If the light is too close to the stadium floor, it is easy to produce bright spots on the stadium as well.

3. Asking for a discount when buying stadium lights

The direct and immediate way to reduce the cost of stadium lighting is to ask for discounts. Since a standard football stadium owner usually needs to buy hundreds of 500W to 2000W LED lights, stadium light manufacturers or suppliers are willing to offer discounts to attract their customers. Depending on the location and quantity required, an additional discount of 10% to 20% is sometimes offered. Therefore, always discuss with lighting manufacturers to see if the price of stadium lights can be lowered.

4. Having stadium lighting design

Illuminating the stadium is not an easy task, as it involves hundreds of powerful floodlights pointing in different directions. In addition, we must deal with overall brightness and uniformity requirements. In order to accurately estimate the number and wattage of the stadium lights required, it is necessary to use DIALux, Relux or other photometric software for a comprehensive stadium lighting design. Therefore, we can avoid buying too many stadium lights that waste money.

In the lighting simulation software, engineers place and point different lights at the football field, and the software will give the lux level and uniformity of the ground. Therefore, the lighting output can be estimated.

Since most stadium lighting companies provide free lighting designer services, it will not increase the additional cost of stadium lighting. Just enjoy this service provided by the company.

5. Used stadium lighting cost is lower

If the price of the new stadium lights is too scary, the stadium owner or contractor may consider buying used stadium lights. The price of second-hand stadium lights can usually be reduced by about 50%, so it does a good job in reducing the cost of stadium lighting. Just search on the Internet and ask if there are any used stadium lights. There are some companies that provide this type of lighting fixtures.

Although the cost of second-hand stadium lights is low, there are some problems. Compared with the new stadium lights, the used ones used are not customized. This means that unless detailed lighting design is completed, brightness and uniformity may not meet international standards. Nevertheless, used stadium lighting is a good choice for training grounds.


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