The Evolution of Women’s Wrestling in WWE: From Divas to Main Eventers

Discover how WWE’s Women’s Revolution transformed women’s wrestling from a sideshow to a main event spectacle. Learn about the key players, events, and milestones that shaped the evolution of women’s wrestling in WWE.

Women’s wrestling in WWE has come a long way in recent years. For many years, female performers in WWE were known as “Divas” and were primarily used for their sex appeal, rather than their in-ring abilities. However, in recent years, WWE has made a concerted effort to elevate women’s wrestling to the same level as men’s wrestling.

In 2015, WWE began a “Women’s Revolution” that aimed to showcase female performers as legitimate athletes and not just eye candy. As part of this revolution, the term “Diva” was retired in favor of “Superstar,” and the women’s championship was renamed the “WWE Women’s Championship.”

The Women’s Revolution brought new talent to WWE, such as Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks, who were all known for their in-ring abilities and athleticism. These women quickly rose to prominence and began to headline events alongside their male counterparts.


In 2018, WWE held its first all-female pay-per-view event, Evolution, which featured matches between some of WWE’s top female performers. The event was a major success and demonstrated the growing popularity and importance of women’s wrestling in WWE.

In 2019, WWE made history when Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey became the first women to main event WrestleMania, WWE’s biggest event of the year. The match was a huge success and cemented the place of women’s wrestling in the main event scene.

Today, women’s wrestling is a major part of WWE, with female performers headlining events and regularly putting on some of the best matches of the night. The Women’s Revolution has helped to change the way that women’s wrestling is viewed in WWE and has opened up new opportunities for female performers to showcase their talents.

Overall, the evolution of women’s wrestling in WWE is a testament to the power of innovation, progress, and determination. By shifting the focus from sex appeal to in-ring ability, WWE has helped to transform women’s wrestling into a legitimate and respected part of the wrestling world.

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