The most decorated basketball players of the last decade

Which basketball players have been able to win more trophies in the last decade? Are they as good as people say they are? Find out now!

Unbelievable talents are currently making waves in the NBA. In the realm of professional basketball, the current era witnesses an unprecedented level of athleticism and offensive prowess among the players. This evolution in the sport has bestowed upon us the privilege of witnessing a truly remarkable display of talent. In recent developments, the implementation of advanced training techniques and the introduction of advantageous rule modifications have significantly enhanced the ability of superstar athletes to exert a greater influence on the game. This remarkable progress has undoubtedly brought immense joy and satisfaction to fans worldwide. The prominence of this trend becomes apparent when examining the most exceptional talents in the gaming industry over the past 10 years.

In a retrospective analysis spanning the past 10 years, a group of ten exceptional players emerges, distinguished by their remarkable influence and achievements within the league. The exceptional achievements and collective triumphs of these individuals have earned them widespread admiration, prompting the need to assess and rank the top 10 players over the past 10 years.

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10.  Jimmy Butler

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Jimmy Butler has earned a spot on this prestigious list. Despite making his debut in the Finals this year, his performance has undeniably etched his name in the annals of history. In a surprising turn of events, the Miami Heat have defied all expectations by securing a spot in the NBA Finals. Leading the charge for the team is none other than Jimmy Butler, who has emerged as the undeniable leader and driving force behind their success. In the past 10 years, Butler’s performance in the Finals has solidified his position as the tenth best player.

In the recently concluded Finals, Jimmy Butler showcased his exceptional skills on the court. Throughout the series, he maintained an impressive scoring average of 26.2 points per game, shooting at an impressive 55.2% accuracy. However, it was his remarkable performance in Game 3 that truly made history. In that game, Butler recorded an astonishing stat line of 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists. This achievement places him in an elite group of players, joining the likes of Jerry West and LeBron James as the only individuals to accomplish such a feat. In a remarkable display of skill and determination, the game between the underdog Butler and the favored Lakers proved to be a statistical marvel. Despite the challenging circumstances, Butler’s unwavering resolve and refusal to back down made it a truly unforgettable contest.

9. Anthony Davis

In an outstanding accomplishment, the newly crowned NBA champion, Anthony Davis, has secured the ninth position in the rankings. It is noteworthy that this season marked a significant turning point for Davis, as he showcased his exceptional skills and made a profound impact on the court, a feat that had eluded him for the past 10 years. In recent years, Anthony Davis has consistently showcased his exceptional skills, positioning himself as one of the top players in the NBA. However, his time with the New Orleans Pelicans was marked by a lack of a strong supporting cast. In the presence of LeBron James, Anthony Davis showcased his immense potential.

In the recently concluded season, Davis emerged as the leading scorer for the Lakers, averaging an impressive 26.1 points per game. Throughout the season, his exceptional performance showcased his dominance on the court. During the Playoffs, opposing teams found themselves unable to effectively counter the dominant performance of AD, as he displayed an unwavering determination and focus. In the recent NBA Finals, LeBron James emerged as the recipient of the prestigious Finals MVP award, showcasing his exceptional skills and solidifying his status as the game’s premier player. However, it is worth noting that Anthony Davis, with his remarkable contributions, propelled the Lakers to an unprecedented level of dominance, rendering them virtually invincible throughout the season. Consequently, Davis undoubtedly merits inclusion in the esteemed list of standout performers.


8. Kyrie Irving

At number 8, we have the clutch shot maker who played a crucial role in LeBron James’ first NBA championship victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving has been widely recognized as the top ballhandler in the game and a highly explosive scorer over the last ten years. The player’s style of play is characterized by his ability to skillfully evade defenders and score points, performing at an exceptional level.

In the 2016 NBA Finals, Kyrie Irving showcased his worth by averaging an impressive 27.1 points per game. He played a crucial role as an exceptional supporting player to LeBron James, who was the team’s primary star. LeBron James was awarded the Finals MVP for his exceptional performance, which was greatly supported by Kyrie’s outstanding contributions. Irving’s game-winning shot against Stephen Curry is widely regarded as one of the most iconic moments in NBA history.

7. Russell Westbrook

In the past 10 years, Russel Westbrook has achieved all possible accomplishments, including winning an NBA championship. A player has achieved an MVP award, two scoring titles, and is widely acknowledged as the most athletically gifted point guard in the history of the NBA. In addition, the individual surpassed Oscar Robertson’s previously deemed unattainable record of triple-doubles. Russ has had a successful 10-year period.

Westbrook’s distinguishing qualities include his unwavering determination and assertiveness during games. He has already secured a spot in the prestigious first-ballot Hall of Fame and is widely regarded as one of the most exceptional talents in his position’s history. Should Russell Westbrook manage to secure an NBA championship, it would elevate his status and place him in a distinct category of discussion.

6. James Harden

During the previous 10 years, James Harden has been performing exceptionally well. The top scorer in the league for three consecutive seasons, earning three consecutive scoring titles and the NBA MVP in 2018. James Harden is widely regarded as the most dominant offensive player in today’s basketball landscape. The strategies employed by opposing teams to contain him often lead to comical situations.

When in possession of the ball, Harden often attracts multiple defenders who struggle to contain him. A sight not witnessed since the era of Kobe Bryant’s iconic Afro has emerged on the NBA court, marking a truly exceptional occurrence. Harden is widely regarded as the most talented offensive player in today’s game. His impressive performance over the past 10 years has sparked discussions about his potential to become the greatest scorer of all time.

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5. Giannis Antetokounmpo

During the regular season, Giannis Antetokounmpo, also known as The Greek Freak, has established himself as the top player in the NBA. An individual possesses the talent to lead their team to consecutive top rankings for two years, while also securing back-to-back MVP titles. The Defensive Player of the Year Award was also won by him this year, marking the end of an exceptional year for a player who is only beginning his career.

Giannis’ exceptional athleticism allows him to cover the entire court with just a few dribbles, making him an unparalleled athlete. A highly athletic player showcases exceptional vertical leap, possesses the ability to defend multiple positions simultaneously, and consistently converts scoring opportunities near the basket. In the past 10 years, Giannis has proven to be an unstoppable force, and his potential for growth is a cause for concern among other teams in the league.

4. Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard’s inclusion on this list comes as no surprise. In a remarkable feat, the Toronto Raptors clinched their maiden NBA championship last season, with their star player earning the prestigious Finals MVP award. The success of the Raptors can largely be attributed to the contributions of Kawhi Leonard. The player was widely regarded as the top performer globally in the previous year, with his exceptional two-way skills being a key factor in the Raptors’ victory. Kawhi Leonard’s performance last year was exceptional.

In the past 10 years, Leonard has achieved an impressive feat by winning two consecutive Defensive Player of the Year Awards, bringing his total number of major awards to five. A talented player named Leonard would have achieved greater success if his teammates hadn’t won several NBA championships.

3. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant faced significant backlash after his decision to depart from the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the NBA team that had previously defeated him in the Playoffs. In addition, the Golden State Warriors have achieved victory in the NBA and boasted a formidable trio, spearheaded by the talented Stephen Curry. Kevin Durant’s focus was solely on enhancing the Warriors’ dominance in basketball, showing little concern for other matters. They were an unstoppable force.

The Golden State Warriors, led by Kevin Durant, secured back-to-back NBA championships in 2017 and 2018. Durant’s exceptional performance earned him the Finals MVP award on both occasions. The player unquestionably showcased his exceptional skills during the Finals, leading to his well-deserved NBA titles. The individual in question has indeed made the Warriors a formidable force in the league, resulting in an imbalance for other teams. However, it is worth noting that despite this, they have achieved success and are ranked below a prominent figure known as The King on a particular list.

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2. LeBron James

LeBron James secured his third NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a historic moment for the team that originally selected him. In a remarkable feat, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers defied the odds by staging a comeback in the NBA Finals after being down 3-1. This achievement solidified James as the sole player and the Cavaliers as the only team in history to accomplish such a remarkable turnaround. LeBron James achieved a historic victory, which would have placed him among the top two on this list. LeBron James secured the NBA championship this year and was awarded the Finals MVP in both instances.

It is unusual to come across a list where LeBron James is not ranked first. In recent years, the individual in question has undeniably stood out as the most exceptional player, surpassing all others by a significant margin. He remains in the second position as another player has achieved greater success in the last 10 years.

1. Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has undeniably dominated the past 10 years. A player emerged as the most exceptional shooter in history, presented a compelling argument for being the greatest point guard of all time, and secured three NBA championships in addition to two MVP awards. In addition, a player was unanimously named as one of the Most Valuable Players (MVPs) and also achieved a scoring title. Curry’s remarkable 6-season run deserves recognition for its historical significance and inclusion in the annals of history.

In the last 10 years, Stephen Curry’s exceptional shooting skills have significantly revolutionized the game, making him the most influential player. Teams across the league have adopted a strategy of consistently shooting three-pointers, aiming to replicate the impact that Curry had on the Warriors. Stephen Curry has significantly impacted the NBA over the past 10 years, leading his team to three NBA championships and reshaping the league.

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