Top sporting events and their market options available for gamblers on Crypto sportsbook

Crypto sports betting sites have dominated the gambling industry for quite a while. However, with the steady growth of cryptocurrency over the years, many sports punters now operate with digital currencies. Therefore, the urge to gamble with these coins has formed many sports betting platforms.

 Over the past few years, fiat currencies’ value has been very volatile due to the dwindling global economy. However, gambling with these coins has helped punters circumvent these issues facing fiat currencies.

 Crypto sports betting sites are pretty similar to traditional online sports gambling sites. Nevertheless, these platforms that support betting with digital currencies offer many selections and mouth-watering bonuses. Therefore, follow this article as we give out the best market selections and rewards attached to these crypto sports betting platforms. 

What Digital Currencies do these Sites Accept?

 Bitcoin has been the most popular digital currency used in crypto sports betting sites. Since its launch, Bitcoin has been the most owned coin amongst bettors. Its speed and consistent growth rate have made it the number one coin for Bitcoin sports betting. However, these sportsbooks are diverse in the currencies they accept, making it very easy for bettors to use their most preferred coins. 

 These crypto sports betting sites accept many coins like Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others. In addition, many of these sites also allow the use of fiat currency should the bettor wish to bet with them.

Top Sporting Events and their best Market Options available for Gamblers

 Crypto sports betting sites have many sporting events and competitions for sports lovers to try their hands on. Many sports bettors are known to have a favourite sport they prefer placing their money on. 

However, apart from their favourite sport, most bettors gamble on sporting events they know little about and feel comfortable putting their money on, especially if the odds are enticing. Therefore, we will now list the top 3 sporting events and their best market selections to bet on crypto sports betting sites.

 1. Soccer

 Soccer is the most-watched sporting event globally, raking in billions of fans on a large scale. It is also the most gambled sporting event, and many bettors are always attracted to this sporting event because of its vast market selections. Some of the best choices available on the Bitcoin betting sites include:

● Over 1.5 Goals

 This is a popular selection among many gamblers, averaging a win percentage of over 60%. However, thorough research is needed before selecting this outcome. 

This selection involves staking the minimum number of goals to be scored in the game, meaning the least number of goals should be two. Also, it doesn’t matter which team scores the plan, as this selection covers both teams. Finally, this outcome lasts only a 90-minute duration and does not include extra time. 

● Under 1.5 Goals

 Under 1.5 is the opposite of over 1.5 goals meaning the goals scored should not be more than two. If it exceeds two, that bet is lost. However, the odds attached to this selection are very high, making it a risky bet.

● Corner Bet

 On Bitcoin sports betting sites, players can choose the team with the highest number of corners in a 90-minute duration. This bet predicts if the away or home team plays the most corners. Also, bettors can select if both teams end up with an equal number of corners. In addition, this is quite a good selection, especially when attacking teams are playing weaker or defensive-minded opponents.

2. Basketball

 One of the most popular sporting events in North America amassing many supporters with its fast-paced action is basketball. It is a highly intense game with its constant points scoring, making it an enjoyable event to gamble. It also has a vast list of market selections, some of which are: 

● Highest Scoring Quarter

 This market selection predicts which quarter will score the highest out of the four quarters. However, each quarter has its odds attached, so like all sports games, a thorough analysis is needed before placing bets.

 Draw no Bet

This selection is typical among many sporting events as it cuts across many games. This selection involves predicting the winner of the match during regular time, but if the team draws the game, the bet automatically becomes void. Therefore the only way of losing this bet is if the team you choose loses the match.

● First-half Winner

 As simple as it stands, it means predicting which team wins the first half of the match. Of course, the home side usually has a slight advantage on this selection, but care is needed before staking, and also, the form of the away team should be known and studied.

3. Tennis

Tennis is an individual sport. It has minimal market selections compared to soccer and basketball. Due to this, the odds are savoury. Some selections are:

● Set Winner

 This selection provides the option of selecting which player will win a particular set. Depending on the research available, it could either be the 1st or the 2nd set.

● 1st Set Correct Score

 This option involves selecting the exact score the 1st set will end with. It can either be 6:0, 6:1,6:2, or others. Furthermore,  this is a very risky bet but comes with massive odds.

Bonuses Available For Bitcoin Sportsbook Users

 Crypto Sports betting offers many bonuses and rewards; compared to traditional sports bookies, these bonuses are worth more. These bonuses usually vary from site to site, with some crypto sport betting platforms offering rewards of up to 1 Bitcoin. Some of these whooping bonuses include:

  • 100% Welcome bonus for new customers
  • 50% reload bonus when making second deposits.
  • Weekend Bonuses
  • VIP Customers Rewards. 

Not all crypto sports betting platforms offer all the bonuses mentioned, so it is wise to check the bonuses these sites offer before registering. Aside from these bonuses, many also offer their customers unique Bitcoin rewards from time to time.

Disclaimer: This communication is for 18+ only. Gambling involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. This post contains material that may or may not be legal in your country. Subject to applicable law.

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