Unfulfilled Triumph: HER Galaxy Apex Legends Winners Awaiting $100K Payout

Seven months post-HER Galaxy Apex Legends Open, winners and LeagueSpot are in limbo as GXR delays $100K payouts. Dive into the esports saga and discover the challenges faced by the champions.

Over seven months have passed since the conclusion of the $100K HER Galaxy Apex Legends Open, yet the winning teams and League Spot, the tournament platform facilitator, are still awaiting payment from Dubai-based esports organization Galaxy Racer (GXR).

Originally intended to showcase the outstanding talent of women in Apex Legends in North America, the tournament achieved success in raising awareness.

Sources reveal that there has been no communication between GXR and the tournament winners or LeagueSpot since December. GXR reportedly owes LeagueSpot around USD 40K for its contributions to the Her Galaxy Tournament (LeagueSpot has declined to comment on this matter).

LeagueSpot, known for its white-label tournament work and production in the U.S., invested substantial effort into the $100K HER Galaxy Apex Legends Open. Insiders share that the company developed a custom, white-label platform with a landing page, provided support for competition management through additional staffing, created a gender verification system, and assisted with strategic planning.

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In December, a representative from GXR informed teams that the payout deadline, as outlined in the contracts signed by players for tournament participation, had been missed. The contracts had specified a 180-day payout timeframe, with payments expected to be disbursed around December 22 or 23.

“At this time, a set date for when payments will be received is still pending but Galaxy Racer is working diligently to get all payouts issued as soon as possible. Once the timeframe has been determined, you will be notified. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated.”

HER Galaxy (Photo source: Galaxy Racers)
HER Galaxy (Photo source: Galaxy Racers)

Earlier this week, in an email to, GXR Chief of Staff Walid Singer stated that the company aims to conclude its activities in North America and fulfil its commitments by the end of February.

“We are currently wrapping up the whole operation in North America and we expect all prize pools and pending dues to be finalized by the end of February. Realistically might happen before, but this is the update we are looking to commit to with our stakeholders.

“There has never been a scenario where we fail to pay our commitments. Even amid all these delays, we are still processing everyone that is owed.” 

He further mentioned, “…our finance representative in North America has informed us that communication with the various stakeholders is underway, and we remain responsive to everyone.”

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GXR has cited its merger with Dubai-based Riva Technology and Entertainment as a factor contributing to delays in meeting financial obligations. Although there has been limited public communication about the current status of this merger, Singer assured us that it is still in progress.

“Our global restructure is still underway, and thus I am not able to comment on the rest of the queries. “

Despite substantial delays in GXR’s payments to tournament participants and LeagueSpot, the company has taken steps to address its obligations in North America. After the cessation of its North American operations, including HER Galaxy, in November, GXR made full payments to employees who were laid off in early December.

Requests for comments from Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts went unanswered.

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