What Features Make a Video Game a Good eSport?

Over the last few years, the competitive video gaming scene has skyrocketed in prominence, attracting 454 million people worldwide.

Due to sponsorship agreements, media rights contracts, ticket sales, advertising, and merchandise, it is a very profitable sector. The esports sector is currently controlled by a small number of hugely successful games, while the majority of games just fade into obscurity, despite the aspirations of many developers to make their way there. What conditions must be met for a game to succeed as an eSport?


For a game to be successful as an eSport, it must be simple to comprehend, enjoyable to play, and entertaining to watch. In essence, it has to be simple for millions of people in numerous nations to access.


Dota 2, CS: GO, and League of Legends are the three prominent esports. Each one has a straightforward basis. In LoL and Dota, competing teams attempt to wipe out the opponent base before losing their own. In CS: GO, teams attempt to kill one another while achieving a secondary goal that entails murdering or defending hostages, planting or disarming a bomb, or killing or safeguarding hostages.

These games are entertaining to watch, graphically stunning, and simple to understand. Every single one of them features a sizable player population, a dedicated community, and a thriving competitive scene. Before a game can be turned into an eSport, it must have widespread appeal and popularity, and games with a low entry barrier to entry perform best in this regard.

Complex games can succeed in the esports market, but to attract players and spectators, they need to be engaging enough and have user-friendly interfaces and solid tutorials. Hearthstone is a nice illustration of that, though it is uncommon.

A High Skill Threshold

Only games with exceptionally high skill ceilings can succeed as esports. While developers must allow for the emergence of an exclusive set of superstars, the fundamentals must be straightforward for the general public to understand. That is only possible if there is sufficient room for people to advance their abilities to the highest levels.

Millions of players could become experts at a game if it were too simple to learn, and it would never succeed as an eSport. Viewers must witness incredible displays of individual brilliance that only experts could accomplish.

Similar to traditional sports, anyone can kick a ball, but only a select few have the skill of Cristiano Ronaldo, who can bend a free kick into the top corner from 35 yards. Nobody can produce the breath-taking variety of shots that Roger Federer does, despite the fact that everybody can strike a ball with a racquet. That formula must be used in esports: easy to learn, very hard to master.

A Healthy Balance of Competition

To thrive as a spectator sport, a game needs an even playing field. The competitive balance will be off if one snooker player uses a high-end cue while the other is forced to use a broom handle. This would be funny at first, but viewers would soon tire of it.

The same is true in esports: imbalanced games are inherently much less competitive, and both sides must be given an equal chance of victory. Esports enthusiasts enjoy placing wagers on the action at websites like Unikrn, but this is impossible if the game is not balanced and fair. This is the reason why esports are having a hard time accepting battle royale games.

A Dedication to Longevity

The most popular esports all adhere to a similar model. The creator works hard on frequent updates to keep the gameplay interesting and fresh, and they are made available for free. The developer must exercise caution when allowing players to purchase skills that others have to work hard for. The corporation charges for in-game extras like cosmetics.

The developers may earn a lot of money using this microtransaction approach, some of which is put back into the game to keep it getting better.

Many of the most well-known books in the world don’t adhere to this format. The majority of gaming companies work in a regular publishing cycle, releasing a game, charging users for it, and then moving on to the next.

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