What is a false 9 in football? 5 best False 9 players

False 9 in Football is a very beneficial role in football. Some popular False 9 players are Johan Cruyff, Lionel Messi, Thomas Muller and more.

A false 9 is a type of attacking player who drops deep into midfield to collect the ball and create chances for their teammates. This is in contrast to a traditional striker, who would stay high up the pitch and look to score goals. The false 9 role was first popularized by Johan Cruyff at Ajax in the 1970s and has since been adopted by many other teams, including Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City.

There are many advantages to playing with a false 9. First, it can create numerical superiority in midfield. When the False 9 drops deep, they pull defenders out of position, which creates space for their teammates to exploit. Second, it can make it difficult for the opposition to defend. If the False 9 is always moving, it can be hard for defenders to track their movement. Third, it can be a very effective way to create chances. The False 9 is often a very good passer and dribbler, which means they can create chances for their teammates in many different ways.

There are several great False 9 players, but here are five of the best:

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest player of all time, and he has excelled in the False 9 role for Barcelona and Argentina. He is a brilliant passer, dribbler and goalscorer and he has the ability to create chances out of nothing.

Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff is considered to be one of the pioneers of the False 9 role, and he played it to great effect for Ajax and Barcelona. He was a gifted dribbler and passer, and he had a knack for scoring goals from impossible angles.

Roberto Firmino

Roberto Firmino is a key player for Liverpool, and he has been praised by manager Jurgen Klopp for his ability to drop deep and link up play. He is also a good goalscorer, and he has scored over 100 goals for the club in all competitions.

Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller is a versatile player who can play in some different positions, including the False 9. He is a good passer, dribbler, and goalscorer, and he has a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the world, and he has been used as a false 9 by Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola. He is a brilliant passer and dribbler, and he has the ability to create chances for his teammates from all over the pitch.


The False 9 is a versatile and effective attacking role that can be used to great effect by teams who have the right players. It can create numerical superiority in midfield, make it difficult for the opposition to defend, and be a very effective way to create chances. Some of the best players in the world have excelled in this role, including Lionel Messi, Johan Cruyff, Roberto Firmino, Thomas Muller, and Kevin De Bruyne.

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