Which are the Top 5 Bowling Tournaments in the World?

Get to know everything about the top 10 bowling tournaments in the world and how they have helped in making a mark for professionals.

Bowling on a competitive scale has been available for about 100 years. There are many different types of bowlers who tend to participate in different events across the globe. There are professional and amateur bowlers both who tend to have a strong impact on the viewers as well. The kind of practice that is needed for bowlers is also exceptional. There are a number of bowling tournaments that are prevalent today and the following information is anticipated to help the professionals in reaching their target.

Some of the leading bowling tournaments are as follows:

  • USBC Masters


It is a ten-pin bowling tournament that is organized by the United States Bowling Congress. It is ranked as one of the topmost bowling tournaments in 2000. It was launched in 1951 named as the ABC master’s and it later became USBC Masters in 2005. The idea of double-elimination is something that has made the game so popular. The history is exceptional and makes it the topmost tournaments for professionals to participate in.

  • United States Open

It was ranked among the top five tournaments in professional bowling association. It is open for both amateurs and PBA members to try and qualify for. Out of all tournaments, this one is considered to be toughest one to crack. The number of games in which qualification has to be done is very high. This tournament has been in existence since 1942 and produces some of the topmost players of Bowling. Pete Weber has won this championship over 5 times in the past.

  • PBA World Championship

This is also among the top 4 because of the trophy and the $100,000 prize money that it typically given to the winner. The tournament was first played in 1960 and gives out the Earl Anthony trophy to the winner. The format is the same as that of the PBA members and championship. There are no differences brought to the qualification criterion.

  • PBA Tournament of Champions

This tournament is typically held in February between 22 and 27th of the month. It is played in Fairlawn, Ohio. There are about 66 players who start in the competition on the first day. The final prize given in 2022 was #322,000 while it was set at only $100,000 in the beginning.

  • United States Women’s Open

This is also an annual bowling event, but it is especially for women. The tournament returned in 2007 after a serious controversy. In the most recent even held in California, there were about 72 candidates who came to participate in the event. The total prize that was given to the winner was $283,000.

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