Esports World Cup 2024: Opening Ceremony And Trophy Reveal

In this article, we mention the Esports World Cup 2024 Opening Ceremony and Trophy Reveal system. Read the full article to know more

Get ready for a whole new level of gaming! The Esports World Cup has officially started making history as the biggest esports event ever. Held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the EWC opened with a bang, featuring an amazing ceremony and a trophy reveal that’s unlike anything esports has seen before.

Imagine a night filled with dazzling lights, pumping music, and energetic dancers. That’s the kind of party that kicked off the EWC. Popular streamers and gaming personalities like Tyler1, Shroud and Danny Aarons joined the fun, hyping up the crowd for the weeks of competition ahead.

Esports World Cup Announce New Trophy System


Keys, Game Trophies, Club Championship Trophy, and the Totem

We’ve got the most unique trophy system esports has ever seen 



But the real showtopper was the trophy reveal. Forget the usual statues or cups. This trophy is a revolutionary “totem” system. Each game champion will receive a special key with two parts: an inner piece and an outer frame. The winner will place the inner key onto the growing totem, while their outer frame becomes part of the magnificent structure. This way every champion is etched into esports history forever displayed on this incredible trophy.

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The ceremony ended with a spectacular display. Hundreds of drones lit up the night sky, forming the EWC logo and reminding everyone that this is a global event. With over 1,500 players from 60 countries competing in 22 different games, the EWC is truly bringing the world of esports together.

Esports World Cup Tweet about the first Game:


The world’s top League of Legends players are gearing up for the #EsportsWorldCup


The fight to claim the title starts July 4th


ModernWarZone Tweet:

Call of Duty Esports World Cup analyst Nfinity said that Mouse and Keyboard is much better than controller during todays broadcast.


“It’s a cheat code! It’s cheating, let’s be honest. Let’s call it for what it is guys, it’s much better. Keyboard and mouse players are insane.”


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