Vanar Sena to Panchatantra This is how video games are influencing Indian roots

In this article, we mention how video gaming in India is now influencing Indian roots, from Panchatantra to Vanar Sena, all over the world. 

Indian mythology’s two main epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, have captured audiences for centuries. However, a new generation has been exposed to these stories through a novel perspective in recent years: video games.

The appearance of Hanuman’s army of monkeys the ‘Vanar Sena’, in well-known video games is one instance of this. This trend draws attention to the unique interaction between India’s rich cultural legacy and digital entertainment.

Video games are an effective medium for teaching and storytelling. They can educate gamers with mythological ideas, historical events, and foreign cultures. In India gamers might learn about the Panchatantra a compilation of traditional Indian stories, using video games.  The morals, ethics, and life skills lessons included in the Panchatantra stories are still applicable today. These tales might be experienced in a different way through video games, which would increase their appeal and accessibility to a larger audience.


To integrate Panchatantra into video games. Game developers have been challenged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to look beyond the conventional gaming environment.

Panchatantra’s Legacy: Storytelling Through Gameplay

A striking resemblance between the world of video games and the Panchatantra, an ancient collection of Indian fables renowned for its animal characters and moral messages, can be found. Both media employ likable personalities and captivating stories to deliver important ideas. Video games can teach younger audiences to the core concepts of the Ramayana and Mahabharata such as duty loyalty, and the victory of good over evil in the same way that the animal fables of the Panchatantra taught wisdom. These values are aptly represented by the Vanar Sena, who are devoted to Rama without wavering.

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Vanar Sena Takes Center Stage

Video games that include the Vanar Sena provide players the opportunity to assume the role of these powerful monkey fighters. Players can take control of Hanuman in video games such as Smite and Age of Mythology using his powerful gada and enjoying his superhuman strength. By creating a stronger connection with the characters and storylines, this interactive feature helps current audiences relate to the epics on a more realistic level.

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Beyond Mythology: Reimagining for a New Era

These timeless stories are told in video games, but they are also recreated for a modern audience. A unique combination of mythology and adventure is provided by games such as Hanuman Chalisa Yatra, which let players explore the fantastical world of the Ramayana. This method ensures that these old tales will remain relevant for upcoming generations by giving them fresh energy.

Future of Indian Gaming

In the gaming industry, there is a desire to promote India’s religion and cultural heritage. As the gaming industry grows, games like Ramayana, and Mahabharat will also start in this generation. which is taking Indian culture a long way ahead. Just like how the games are made these days, which take their inspiration from foreign countries, many Indian game communities are making it popular among the youth by showcasing Indian culture.

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