Gnana Dattu and Anmol Kharb to lead Indian squad at Badminton Asia Junior Championships

Gnana Dattu, the 2022 Asian Junior bronze medalist, and Anmol Kharb, India’s No. 1 U-17 player, will lead a 33-member Indian squad at the Badminton Asia U-17 & U-15 Junior Championships in Chengdu, China, beginning on October 17.

Gnana Dattu, who clinched the bronze medal at the 2022 Asian Junior Championships, and Anmol Kharb, the reigning No. 1 U-17 player in India, have been entrusted with leading a 33-member Indian squad at the upcoming Badminton Asia U-17 & U-15 Junior Championships. This prestigious tournament is scheduled to kick off in Chengdu, China, on October 17.

To prepare for this significant event, the Indian squad will embark on a 14-day national training camp that will commence on October 1. This training camp will be conducted at the National Centre of Excellence located in Guwahati.

Sanjay Mishra, the General Secretary of the Badminton Association of India (BAI), expressed his confidence in the young talents representing India. He noted that these emerging shuttlers have consistently displayed commendable performances in the junior circuit and various domestic events. It is the responsibility of the BAI to provide them with the opportunity to shine on the international stage, and Mishra believes that they will rise to the occasion and make the nation proud.


Anmol Kharb, the No. 1 U-17 player in India, will spearhead the charge in the girls’ singles category. She will be joined by Tanvi Sharma, India’s No. 2 U-17 player, as well as Rujula Ramu (Indian No. 3) and Naishaa Kaur Bhatoye in the U-17 category. Meanwhile, the U-15 girls’ singles category will feature Adarshini Shri NB, Diksha Sr, Shantipriya Hazarika, and Evanna Tyagi.

In the boys’ singles category, the U-15 division will witness the talents of Bornil Akash Changmil, Nischal Chand, Jagsher Singh Khangurra, and Dev Ruparelia. The U-17 boys’ singles section will be led by Gnana Dattu DT, the bronze medalist in the U-15 age group at the previous edition of the championship. He will be accompanied by Lalthazuala, Pranauv Ram, and Suryaksh Rawat.

For boys’ doubles in the U-17 category, the pairings of Bhargav Ram Arigela and Vishwa Tez Gabburu, along with Bhavya Chhabra and Param Choudhary, are expected to represent India effectively. In the U-15 boys’ doubles category, the duo of Hardik Divyansh and Amith Raj Natraj will be in action, alongside Jagsher Singh Khangurra and Dev Ruparelia.

The girls’ doubles section will feature pairs such as Tanvi Reddy Andluri and Rashika U in the U-17 category. In the U-15 girls’ doubles category, notable pairs include Deepak Raj Aditi and Ponnamma B. V. Vridhi, as well as Lakshmi Ridhima Devneni and Sarayu Suryaneni.

India had an impressive showing in the previous edition of the championship, securing a total of five medals, including two silver and three bronze medals.

The squads for the Badminton Asia Junior Championships are as follows:

Indian U-17 Squad:

  • Boys’ Singles: Lalthazuala, Pranauv Ram, Gnana Dattu DT, Suryaksh Rawat
  • Girls’ Singles: Anmol Kharb, Tanvi Sharma, Rujula Ramu, Naishaa Kaur Bhatoye
  • Boys’ Doubles: Bhargav Ram Arigela/Vishwa Tez Gabburu, Bhavya Chhabra/Param Choudhary
  • Girls’ Doubles: Tanvi Reddy Anadluri/Rashika U, Gayatri Rawat/Mansa Rawat
  • Mixed Doubles: Siddharth Rawat/Angel Puneria, Bhargav Ram Arigela/Pragati Parida

Indian U-15 Squad:

  • Boys’ Singles: Bornil Akash Changmail, Nischal Chand, Jagsher Singh Khangurra, Dev Ruparelia
  • Girls’ Singles: Adarshini Shri NB, Diksha SR, Shantipriya Hazarika, Evanna Tyagi
  • Boys’ Doubles: Hardik Divyansh/Amith Raj Natraj, Jagsher Singh Khangurra/Dev Ruparelia
  • Girls’ Doubles: Deepak Raj Aditi/Ponnamma B. V. Vridhi, Lakshmi Ridhima Devneni/Sarayu Suryaneni
  • Mixed Doubles: Bornil Akash Changmail/Shantipriya Hazarika

The Badminton Asia Junior Championships promise an exciting showcase of young talent in the world of badminton.

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