Hangzhou Gears Up for Smooth Transition to Host 4th Asian Para Games

Hangzhou, the host city of the 4th Asian Para Games, is prepared for a seamless transition following the Asian Games, with fully accessible venues and facilities to cater to diverse athletes’ needs.

As the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou draws near, the capital city of China’s Zhejiang Province is well-prepared to host another successful sporting event, building upon the success of the Asian Games. Organizers have efficiently managed the transition, ensuring the Games’ smooth execution.

Official statistics reveal that the Asian Para Games will feature 19 competition venues accommodating 22 sports, with 17 of these venues being shared with the Asian Games. All these venues are equipped with permanent barrier-free facilities. The transition process involved constructing and installing additional facilities in various areas, such as passageways, stands, award ceremony venues, press conference rooms, and athletes’ lounges, among others, according to Xinhua.

For example, at the Xiaoshan Sports Center Gymnasium, staff have replaced the weightlifting platform used during the Asian Games with new equipment designed for powerlifting. Guo Qinghong, deputy director of the powerlifting competition, emphasized the three years of preparation that went into organizing these Games, including the construction of a new platform, ramp, and podium for award ceremonies, distinct from those used during the Asian Games.

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Venues exclusively designated for the Asian Para Games have also undergone enhancements to meet the specific needs of differently-abled athletes. At China’s national goalball training base in Tangxi Town, provisions have been made to ensure the comfort and safety of visually impaired athletes. Tactile paving now extends from the venue’s entrance to every functional room and competition area. The facility is equipped with lifts on both sides of the audience seats, while barrier-free amenities have been added to shower rooms, changing rooms, and washrooms. A designated rest area for guide dogs has been established outside the venue to cater to the athletes’ requirements.

At Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport’s T4 terminal, the Asian Para Games Channel has been established to manage the arrival and departure of delegations from October 14 to 30. The terminal’s arrival floor now features the logo, emblem, and mascot of the Asian Para Games, incorporating the event’s elements.

The Asian Para Games Village, covering an area of 325,000 square meters, has been transformed from the Media Village of the Hangzhou Asian Games. It will provide 3,446 rooms for delegations during the Asian Para Games and offer round-the-clock transportation services with over 30 shuttle vehicles.

The Hangzhou Asian Para Games, featuring 22 sports and 564 events, will take place from October 22 to 28, highlighting inclusivity and exceptional sporting achievements.

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