Hardik Pandya Highlights Challenges of Being an All-Rounder in Cricket

Hardik Pandya, India’s versatile all-rounder, shares insights into the unique demands and mindset of his role in cricket.

In the lead-up to India’s Super Four clash against Pakistan in the Asia Cup, all-rounder and vice-captain Hardik Pandya shed light on the distinctive challenges and mental approach required of an all-rounder, emphasizing that his workload in a match is often two or three times greater than that of other players.

Following the culmination of the 2019 ODI World Cup in England, Pandya underwent significant back surgery, which initially hindered his abilities as an all-rounder. However, a shift in lifestyle and fitness regimen has seen him return to peak performance, solidifying his role as a dependable all-rounder for the team in anticipation of the 2023 Men’s ODI World Cup in India.

“As an all-rounder, my workload is two or three times greater than anyone else’s. While a batsman in the team might complete his batting and head home, I’ll still be on the field bowling. Therefore, all the management, pushing, and preparation happen during my training sessions or pre-camp season,” Pandya explained to Star Sports.

On match days, Pandya adjusts his role according to the prevailing conditions and the team’s requirements in a given situation. He trusts his ability to perform effectively in diverse scenarios. “During the game, it’s more about what the team needs, and the management aspect goes out of the equation. It comes down to making practical decisions about how many overs are required from me. If the team doesn’t need 10 overs from me, then there’s no point in my bowling 10 overs, but if 10 overs are needed, I’ll be ready to deliver.”

Pandya expressed his belief in giving himself the opportunity to succeed by understanding the game and having faith in his abilities. “I’ve always believed that when you approach something with belief, with the mindset of a believer, even though I have my teammates by my side, I feel alone on the field.”

He elaborated further, “When bowling, I must have full confidence in myself because the opposition, the batsman, wants me to make a mistake. Similarly, as a batsman, I may have a partner, but there are eleven opponents on the field against me, and sometimes, it may even include the influence of the crowd or other factors.”

“What I’ve learned is that, regardless of the circumstances, you have to have unwavering self-belief. You must believe that you are the best in the world. While that doesn’t guarantee success, it does guide you towards working for success and practically backing yourself,” Pandya concluded.

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