Hockey India welcomes 2 new academies to bolster talent development

Hockey India expands its academy roster by adding two new members—Ritu Rani Hockey Academy and Southern Alpha Sports Academy. The move emphasizes the organization’s commitment to nurturing grassroots talent in the sport.

Hockey India, in its continuous quest to discover budding talents in hockey, has officially introduced two new Academy Members. This initiative brings the total count of academies to 51 across India.

The freshly added members are Southern Alpha Sports Academy situated in Bangalore and the Ritu Rani Hockey Academy based in Patiala. These inclusions were formally confirmed during the 13th Congress held on November 3 at the Marang Gomke Jaipal Singh AstroTurf Hockey Stadium meeting hall by the Hockey India Executive Body.

Hockey India now comprises 27 Permanent Members, 33 Associate Members, 51 Academy Members, and 2 Hoc-Key Members.


The Southern Alpha Sports Academy, founded by Parthasarathi Jha in Bangalore, is committed to providing quality sports programs. On the other hand, the Ritu Rani Hockey Academy, named after the former Indian women’s hockey captain, was established by Harsh Sharma with Baljinder Singh as the Academy Director in Patiala, Punjab.

Expressing his satisfaction on the induction of the new Academy Members, Hockey India President Padma Shri Dr. Dilip Tirkey stated, “Welcoming Southern Alpha Sports Academy and Ritu Rani Hockey Academy as new Academy Members is a moment of pride for Hockey India. This step significantly strengthens our efforts to promote the sport and unearth emerging talents at the grassroots level. Wishing both academies the best in their remarkable contributions to the sport.”

Hockey India Secretary General Bhola Nath Singh echoed the President’s sentiments, emphasizing the positive impact of these new academies on the sport’s growth at the grassroots level.

By expanding its academy network, Hockey India is affirming its dedication to nurturing emerging talents and fostering the sport at its foundational levels.


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