List Of World’s All Time Goal Scorers – Official Matches of FIFA World Cup

Know about the World’s all time goal scorers of the FIFA World Cup until now and how much was recorded in the official matches.

According to RSSSF, Erwin Helmchen is the world’s all-time leading goal scorer. He is the most prolific goal scorer in official matches in recorded history, with at least 987 goals scored in 578 official matches. He has little online presence, but his work has done wonders for the Football arena and in the FIFA World Cup.

He is a German footballer who contributed as a striker. Erwin is the most prolific footballer in official matches according to RSSSF with at least 987 goals scored in official matches. He has played 578 official matches in his career. He is the second goalscorer in league matches with more than 720 goals. He is the second-most prolific goalscorer for a single team. 

Helmchen began his career at the age of 16. He played at FV Brandenburg Cottbus (de) in 1923. He competed in the finals of the South Eastern German football championship with the FV Brandenburg in Lower Lusatia. Sportfreunde Breslau and Breslauer SC 08, however, dominated the competition. In 86 official games, he scored 152 goals.


All Time Goal Scorers in the FIFA World Cup

Helmchen led PSV to the championship with 51 goals, giving him a total of 120 goals in the 1931-32 season. Helmchen, on the other hand, managed to score 5 goals in that competition, finishing second behind Karl Ehmer.  It gives you the number of goals scored by Erwin, the total number of matches played and the country he played for. 

Player Name Years active Highlight Country
Erwin Helmchen 1926–1952 All time goal scorer Germany

When we looked back at the players who have amassed the most goals in football history, several incredible names immediately came to mind. We have included all the information you require regarding the players who scored the most goals in official matches below.

As a result, we have put up a list of the World’s All-Time Goal Scorers for Official Matches. Keep up with us to obtain further details.

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