Who is the No.1 Esports Player or Influencer?

Get to know which player is ranked as the number one esports player and influencer in today’s times. Complete information is presented to read.

Regarding users and income, eSports have increased significantly over the past several years worldwide, including in India. The growth of competitive gaming is one of the most exciting things to happen in the twenty-first century. India’s rapidly growing industry has led to a growing audience, which has led to a rise in revenue, and brands have started to invest in the industry to stay relevant in the future.

Due to COVID’s limitations on major public eSports events, the industry’s rapid financial development has been held down. However, things seem to be getting back to normal in 2022. In terms of money, PUBG Mobile has laid a strong foundation that has helped the Esports community in India grow, and after it was banned, other games like Free Fire, Valorant, BGMI, etc., continued to grow.

Many eSports players make money and get paid by competing in different tournaments and even representing India in global events. Are you familiar with Counterstrike? When it comes to this game, Ankit Panth is unbeatable. Over the years, he has become a household name in this field. Who do you think is the best esports player right now?


Ankit Panth

Panth’s ambition to become a famous eSports player date back to his earliest years. Now that his dream has come true, many young sportspeople look up to him as an inspiration. Due to his tireless efforts and unwavering commitment, Panth has earned the admiration of his fellow gamers. Panth’s new moniker, V3nom, is gaining traction. 

Unaided, Ankit Panth has risen to the top. Because of his perseverance, he is now recognized as a leader in the eSports and physical training communities. He is better known in the fitness world for his DJing moniker. Panth reveals that he was looked down upon by society, and his parents were afraid to let their children spend time with him because they thought he was a terrible influence due to his penchant for video games. They went so far as to claim that Panth will never be able to turn an eSports profit.

Panth decided after a round of Counterstrike that he belonged at this virtual casino. He eventually made a lot of money off of the game. He was able to monetize his time with WOC. Made in Mumbai was a semi-professional team founded by Panth in 2006. (MiM).

When V3nom connected with Aakash ‘RiX,’ he could sub in for the squad, which was ranked third in India at the time. Team Brutality, his ingenious creation from 2008, stunned the world with its novel approach and flawless execution. As a member of Team Brutality, Panth was able to win his first competition.

Recently, Panth has taken a keen interest in eSports, switching to Counterstrike: Global Offensive and quickly becoming a champion player. All of Panth’s critics have been decisively refuted. Panth started a few unsuccessful gaming teams to get to the top of the eSports market. Warriors Of Chaos was the first team he organized at age 15, and they were an amateur squad (WOC).

These days, working for the state or a large corporation is optional. The competitive gaming scene provides a unique opportunity to hone your talents and make a career thanks to the cash prizes you can earn. The top esports player you’ve read about here is widely known and regarded in their field.
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