Most Penalty Shootouts: FIFA World Cup Records and Statistics

Read to know about the team that has taken the maximum number of penalty shootouts in the FIFA World Cups until now.

Even though England is notoriously horrible at penalty shootouts, especially at the World Cup, you may not know how terrible their record is. With failures imprinted into Three Lions supporters’ memories over the past 30 years, missing from the spot has come to be associated with England teams in significant matches. How poor is our track record in comparison to other countries? Simply put, it is inferior. England has lost all three World Cup penalty shootouts, which occurred in 1990, 1998, and 2006.

While nine other nations have a 0% success rate in World Cup shootouts, none have participated in three and failed to win any. Spain and Italy both lost three shootouts at the World Cup, but they also managed to prevail in one, giving them a 25% success record. Germany has won all four World Cup penalty shootout matches, making them the most successful team. England has a fantastic track record of scoring penalties during World Cup games, illustrating the urgency of the shootout situation.

Since Tom Finney’s penalty kick in 1958, England has converted all ten penalties during World Cup games. Harry Kane scored twice from the spot against Panama. Because England has at least one shootout victory under their belt—a memorable victory over Spain at Euro 96—the story for them at the European Championships is a little better.

The 96 semi-final, 2004, and 2012 shootout losses mean they have also lost three shootouts at the Euros over the years, so it is still not exactly a resounding triumph. Only Croatia, Sweden, and Switzerland have performed worse in shootouts in European Championships than England, which has a success rate of 25%. England has prevailed in seven penalty shootouts across all significant events, giving them a 14.28% success rate.

1990 vs. West Germany – Semi-Final

  • Lineker scored
  • Beardsley scored
  • Platt scored
  • Pearce missed
  • Waddle missed

1998 vs. Argentina – Last 16

  • Shearer scored
  • Ince missed
  • Merson scored
  • Owen scored
  • Batty missed

2006 vs. Portugal – Quarter-Final

  • Lampard missed
  • Hargreaves scored
  • Gerrard missed
  • Carragher missed


What are Azzurri’s overall track record? The Azzurri have proven they can manage the pressure of the 12-yard battle of wits. One of the best international football teams, Italy has a lengthy history of appearing in the championship rounds of major competitions.

They have participated in their fair share of penalty shootouts along the road and even had to walk in two World Cup finals. The goal provides all the information on Italy’s history in penalty shootouts, including who they have defeated and when. Italy has participated in 11 major event penalty shootouts, winning five and losing six.

They have participated in 11 shootouts, seven of which have taken place in the European Championship and four at the World Cup. In the World Cup final, they advanced to the penalty shootout twice, losing to Brazil in 1994 and defeating France in 2006.

  • July 3, 1990, Italy vs. Argentina {4-3 loss World Cup 90 semi-final}
  • July 17, 1994, Italy vs. Brazil {3-2 loss World Cup 94 final}
  • July 3, 1998, Italy vs France {4-3 loss\\\World Cup 98 quarter-final}


Spain has now lost four World Cup penalty shootouts, more than any other nation.  After failing to Morocco, Spain has now lost four World Cup penalty shootouts, making a rather embarrassing record.

  • 5-4 vs. Belgium (1986)
  • 3-2 vs. Ireland (2002)
  • 5-3 vs. South Korea (2002)
  • 4-3 vs. Russia (2018)

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