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The jerseys worn by the Washington Commanders have changed a lot over time. Since 1937, when they got their first uniform, the team has undergone many changes.


The Washington Commanders were founded in Boston as the Boston Braves. They became the Redskins the following year after moving to Washington, D.C. For years, the Redskins logo had negative associations. Following the 2020 George Floyd demonstrations, numerous NFL and club sponsors pressured its withdrawal, largely due to the Native American mascot dispute sparked by the protests. Before becoming the Commanders in 2022, the team played two seasons as the Washington Football Team. This squad has played over 1,000 games and is one of five NFL teams with more than 600 wins. “Hail to the Commanders” (previously “Hail to the Redskins” from 1937 to 2019), performed by their marching band after each home touchdown, was one of the earliest NFL fight songs. Forbes values the squad at US$5.6 billion, making them the sixth-most valuable team in the league as of 2022.



As soon as the National Football League (NFL) gave its blessing to the move of the Boston Redskins to Washington, D.C., in 1937, an official marching band was organized to greet spectators as they entered the stadium for the first time. Since then, the franchise has experienced several memorable campaigns, beginning with the strike-shortened 1982 season, during which it won its first Super Bowl. The following year, again led by the famous Joe Theismann and his favorite target, Hall of Famer Art Monk, the club reached the championship game but lost to the Raiders in the 1983 Super Bowl. In 1987, the Redskins won their second Vince Lombardi Trophy by defeating the Broncos in the Super Bowl. In Super Bowl XXVI against the Buffalo Bills in 1991, they won for the third time.

Despite having multiple all-stars on their roster, the Redskins haven’t gone far in the playoffs since those wins (they’ve lost in the divisional round three times and the wild-card round three times since their last Super Bowl win). Clinton Portis was traded to the Washington Redskins after two seasons with the Denver Broncos. Santana Moss, a wide receiver with the Redskins, amassed multiple 1,000-yard seasons, and Charley Taylor, a halfback and wide receiver for the Redskins in the 1960s and 1970s, is a Hall of Famer. Redskins supporters also hold a special place in their hearts for talented safety Sean Taylor, who was shot and killed by a home intruder in 2007 — only three years after being selected fifth overall in the NFL selection. How has the Redskins’ jersey changed over the many years? Let’s take a look.

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About Uniform

The jerseys worn by the Washington Redskins have changed a lot over time. Since 1937, when they got their first uniform, the team has undergone many changes.

The design from 1937 had a vertical stripe of burgundy and gold, gold numbers, and the word “Redskins” written in navy blue. This design stayed the same until the early 1950s when a white jersey and a darker burgundy were added. In 1960, the team got a new logo with a Native American head wearing a feathered headdress, and the burgundy color was changed to a brighter shade of red.

In 1971, the team changed its logo to a more modern version of a Native American head, and the jerseys were changed to match. The team also changed its look by using a deep red, gold, and white color scheme. The current design of the Redskins jersey came out in 2002. It has the famous word “Redskins” on the front, the native American head logo on the sleeves, and many different colors and patterns.

Over the years, the Washington Redskins’ uniforms have changed to become one of the most recognizable looks in the NFL. From the original burgundy and gold to the current red, gold, and white, the team’s jerseys have been a source of pride for many fans.

Washington switched to white pants for most home games in 2018 instead of the gold ones. In 2020, the team changed its name to the Washington Football Team, using the simplified “W” from the revised Washington wordmark as its new emblem. The gold jersey numbers replaced the previous helmet logo and striping.

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Washington D.C.’s pro football team was renamed Commanders in 2022 and received three new outfits and a logo. During home games, the Commanders wear burgundy and gold jerseys, white jerseys with red lettering, and black jerseys with gold. After the NFL approves alternate helmets for 2022, Washington will have two helmet types. The black helmet has a smaller “W” on the front and the player’s numbers on the side, while the primary helmet is matte burgundy with a gold “W.” Washington Football Team helmets had player numbers on the sides. Three new franchise logos accompany the new outfits. The burgundy helmets have a gold “W,” a Commander’s path, and a gold “Washington Commanders” banner logo on the front.

Full Name: Washington Commander

Nickname: N/A

Founded: 1932

Ground state: Maryland

Team Owners: Daniel Snyder

Prominent players: Darrell Green, Sammy Baugh, John Riggins, Chris Hanburger, Art Monk.

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