PUBG New State First Esports Tournament Will Begin On Feb 5

Krafton Inc has made an announcement that it will host its first official PUBG: New State esports tournament, dubbed the New State Mobile Open Challenge in Korea starting February 5 and going on to February 19. Participants will exclusively play the PUBG: New State’s BR: Extreme Mode. This tournament will have a prize money of over $250,000, which according to the company is the largest payout for an amateur esports event in the history of the country. In the announcement, the company said that that it plans to host more global events for the game in the future, with the objective to help continue to support the game’s community. PUBG: New State BR: Extreme Mode was released last week on Android and iOS as a part of the game’s January update which limits the number of players in a game to 64, with a time limit of 20 minutes.

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