Serena Williams Eyes Comeback To Tennis? Tennis Titan Drops A Hint

Grand Slam winner cites the example of NFL great Tom Brady who made a return at 45

Is Serena Williams looking for a comeback in tennis? The answer is a half yes and no. If hints are to be noted, the 40-year-old Grand Slam winner is not ruling out an option to make a comeback. The iconic legend dropped a hint on Wednesday while taking part in ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

Taking part in the show, the former world number one cited the example of NFL GOAT Tom Brady. The legend Brady retired in February but came back for a 23rd season, after six weeks. You never know,” Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam winner, said. “I’ve been saying that I think Tom Brady started a really cool trend.”

Serena Williams is Not Leaving a Hint

However, the tennis great did not confirm she was following in the footsteps of the seven-time Super Bowl champion soon. The NFL legend is on a mission at 45 years of age, to win his eighth title in the league. Last week, he led Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a thumping win against Dallas Cowboys. 

An iconic star in tennis, Serena, made a significant comeback to the game after pregnancy. She is often cited as a champion of women’s rights in the game. Earlier, Williams, who turns 41 on September 26, called it quits after the US Open, where she left in the third round. 

Venus Williams Wants Her to Make a Comeback

Serena’s older sister and seven-time Grand Slam winner, Venus Williams, is trying to get Serena to make a comeback. “She’s not done yet,” Serena Williams said. “This is just me. She’s trying to get me and I’m like, ‘No.’

Talking about the game, Serena said tennis has given her so much and adds that she wants to involve in the game in the future. Being a business owner and mother, she added the thought of moving on has not quite sunk in, as she is busy. I couldn’t have asked for anything more,” Williams said of her final event. “I‘ll never forget those moments. It was pretty awesome,” says the former champion with a smile.

Even though Serena cited the example of the NFL legend, a return to tennis is only a distant possibility. Because, she has other responsibilities too, to take care, of in life. 


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