Six less popular sports that are not like traditional games

This article briefly explains the less popular sports that are not like traditional games.

This article briefly explains the less popular sports that are not like traditional games

  • Underwater Hockey

The fact that hockey is played underwater is obvious from the name, underwater hockey. The British Navy created it in the 1950s as a technique to keep the divers in shape, but over time it developed into a fast-paced game and expanded to 20 different nations. To get the puck into the opposing team’s goal, a significantly shorter stick is used in the game. Each game has three forwards and three backs, two 15-minute halves, and a three-minute interval.


  • Zorbing

There are still a lot of people who haven’t heard about zorbing, even if many of you may have heard of the name or played the game. It is a race where the runner runs down a hill while dodging obstacles on the course while enclosed in a transparent bubble, hoping to get ahead of other rivals.

  • Toe Wrestling

Yes, toe wrestling is a sport in which participants strive to pin the other’s foot down by locking their toes. The sport was first played in 1976, and it originated in the UK. Although mixed-sex competitions are prohibited, competitors must undergo a toe examination before competing.

  • Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing, which started in England in 1997, is a sport that combines ironing with pretty much any other extreme activity, such as scuba diving, rock climbing, marathons, or even skydiving. In 2002, the Extreme Ironing World Championships were held for the first time.

  • Three-sided Football

In a three-sided football game, there are three teams running around the field instead of the usual two. The game, which was invented in 1966, is played on a hexagonal field with three goals and three teams, each of which has five players. The winning team is the one that allows the least amount of goals as the teams alternate scoring.

  • Sepak Takraw (kick volleyball)

Southeast Asian-born Sepak Takraw, often known as kick volleyball, is somewhat comparable to footvolley. Players may only contact the ball with their feet, knees, chests, and heads. The only difference between the two sports is that a rattan ball is used in Sepak Takraw. There are 3 players in each team on a court the size of a badminton court with a 1.5 metre-high net.

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