The Biggest Cricket Stadium of Ireland

In this article, we will take a look at the biggest cricket stadium in Ireland and its history.

Since at least the 17th century, when Oliver Cromwell released an edict outlawing it, cricket has been played in Ireland. Although a recent study contends that Irish soldiers in the British Army affected the game’s evolution by importing vocabulary and plays from the old Irish game of Catty, it is generally accepted that the Brits were responsible for bringing it to Ireland. The match between a British garrison and an “All-Ireland” team in Dublin in August 1792 is the oldest documented mention of a game played there; the garrison team won by an innings.

In this article, we will take a look at the biggest cricket stadium in Ireland and its history.

Malahide Cricket Club Ground: Introduction


 The Lady Acre field of the Malahide Castle grounds is where the Malahide Cricket Club Field, often known as The Village, is a cricket pitch in Malahide, Ireland. The Malahide Cricket Club is the owner of the facility.  With a capacity of 11,500, the pitch is now Ireland’s largest cricket facility and was formally inaugurated for international cricket in 2013. When Ireland took on Pakistan in May 2018, it was confirmed in November 2017 that it will serve as the location for their inaugural Test match.

Malahide Cricket Club Ground: History

 In 1861, the Malahide Cricket Club was established. Richard Wogan Talbot, the 5th Lord Talbot of Malahide, loved cricket and built a cricket pitch on the grounds of the castle. Malahide would not stage a major cricket match until almost a century later, in 1991, when Ireland and Scotland met in a first-class match there. After being approved by the International Cricket Council, the pitch received official approval for international cricket in September 2013. (ICC). England captain Eoin Morgan hit 124 not out on his former home pitch, setting a new record for attendance and making it the largest venue in Ireland with movable grandstands and accommodation tents.

Malahide Cricket Club Ground ODI Records

Highest Total Recorded 381/3 (50 Ov) by WI vs IRE
Lowest Total Recorded 185/10 (34.4 Ov) by IRE vs WI
Highest Score Chased 294/4 (43 Ov) by BAN vs IRE
Lowest Score Defended 381/3 (50 Ov) by WI vs IRE


Malahide Cricket Club Ground T20 Records

Highest Total Recorded 153/3 (18.3 Ov) by IRE vs ZIM
Highest Score Chased 153/3 (18.3 Ov) by IRE vs ZIM
Lowest Score Defended 117/7 (20 Ov) by ZIM vs IRE


Malahide Cricket Club Ground : Pitch Report

A cricket ground called the Malahide Cricket Club has been in use in Dublin since 1861. It is regarded as one of the best sports facilities Ireland has ever built. With its current size, it has overtaken Castle Avenue in Dublin and Civil Service Cricket Club in Belfast as the biggest stadium in the nation.Also Read: Top 5 Bowlers with most wickets in IPL history

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