Top 5 Legendary Players who have Changed the Skating Game

Explore the remarkable journeys of Dhanush Babu, Sarvesh Amte, Tony Hawk, John Rodney Mullen, and Paul Martin Rodriguez Jr. Discover their contributions to the world of skating and their impact on the sport’s development. From speed skating to freestyle tricks, these skaters have left an indelible mark on skating history.

Any activity that includes moving along surfaces or ice while wearing skates or runners with blades is referred to as skating. Skating is still a relatively new activity, but it is gaining popularity among young people at a very rapid rate. Skating can be interpreted broadly to include both skateboarding and roller skating. The latter uses a board with wheels attached to the bottom of its surface to skate and execute tricks, as opposed to the former, which uses wheels attached to the bottom of shoes to glide around the surfaces. 

In this article, we will take a look at the top five skaters who have made a significant contribution to the development of the sport and to gaming history.

  • Dhanush Babu 


Dhanush Babu who is also known as India’s speediest skater, is from Bangalore, Karnataka. He notably competed for India in the 2019 World Roller Games as a speed skater. In addition, he became the very first Indian to win a medal in international roller skating for India at the Asian Speed Skating Championship in 2016 and to place fifth in the track’s 500+D competition in 2019. Babu has managed to win more than 14 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals so far at the India National Championship, which is still a remarkable performance. He is recognised as one of India’s top skaters.

  • Sarvesh Amte 

Indian inline speed skater, inline hockey player, and inline slalom competitor Sarvesh Amte was born in Belgaum, Karnataka. Skating was first introduced to Amte in 2010. He soon realised he had a good knack for it. He therefore made the decision to give it his all, and from that point forward, there was no turning back. He competed in the 2012 World Slalom Series on behalf of his nation. Also, he has more than ten skating world records. Amte has competed in many inline hockey competitions on behalf of his nation and state.

  • Tony Hawk 

He goes by the moniker “Birdman,” and he is an American professional skateboarder, businessman, and proprietor of the Birdhouse skateboarding brand. Hawk, a forerunner of contemporary vertical skating, performed the first known “900” skateboard trick in 1999. Tony is without a doubt the most well-known figure in skateboarding history. He has been employed for almost thirty years. Tony has more competitive victories (more than 70) than any other skateboarder in skateboarding history.

  • John Rodney Mullen

He is a pro skateboarder from the United States who specializes in street and freestyle skating. The flatground ollie, kickflip, heelflip, impossible, and 360-flip are just a few of the tricks he is credited with creating. He is one of the most influential skaters in the history of the sport. He is referred to as the “godfather of freestyle skateboarding” as a result. At the age of 14, Rodney Mullen claimed his first freestyle skateboarding world championship. He established himself as one of the most prominent players in the sport’s history by winning 34 of 35 freestyle contests.

  • Paul Martin Rodriguez Jr

Paul Martin is also referred to as P-Rod. He is an accomplished American actor, musician, and professional street skateboarder. At the X Games, he won eight medals in all, including 4 gold. When he was sixteen years old, Rodriguez started riding for City Stars. Professional skateboarder Kareem Campbell was a co-founder of the City Stars company in Los Angeles. Paul Rodriguez is skilled at nollie, boardslide, and manual moves.

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