Top five best female Golf players of Brazil in 2024

In this article, we have mentioned information related to the five best female golf players of Brazil in  2024 in detail.

Top Five Brazilian Women Golfers in 2024

Brazil boasts a rich sporting tradition, excelling in football (soccer), volleyball, and martial arts like Capoeira. However, golf is a sport that’s gaining traction, especially among young women. Here, we explore five golfers who are putting Brazil on the map in the world of women’s golf.

1. Victoria Michallik


Victoria Michallik is a name to watch in Brazilian golf. At a young age, Michallik has already achieved recognition on the national and international stages. While details about her amateur career are unavailable, Michallik turned professional in 2022.

In 2023, she secured a spot in the Aberto do Brasil, a professional golf tournament held in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. While her final position is unknown, participating in such a high-profile tournament is a testament to her talent and potential.

Michallik is known for her powerful drives and strategic course management. With more professional experience, she has the potential to become a dominant force in Brazilian golf. Social media buzz suggests she might be participating in upcoming South American tournaments, so keep an eye out for her name!

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2. Aline Batista

Aline Batista is another rising star in Brazilian golf. Information about her background is limited, but Batista has competed in professional tournaments within Brazil. There are mentions of her participation in the 2021 Copa Sul Americana de Golfe Amador (South American Amateur Golf Cup) held in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Batista’s playing style emphasizes accuracy and precision. She is known for her well-rounded game and her ability to adapt to different course conditions. With more professional opportunities, Batista has the potential to refine her skills and climb the ranks of Brazilian women’s golf.

3. Isadora Angulo

Isadora Angulo is a golfer on the rise. There’s limited information about her professional career, but Angulo has definitely made a mark on the amateur circuit. In 2023, she participated in the Campeonato Brasileiro Amador de Golfe (Brazilian Amateur Golf Championship), showing her talent against other aspiring golfers.

Angulo’s strengths lie in her short game and putting skills. Her ability to navigate challenging greens and sink crucial putts makes her a formidable competitor. As she gains professional experience, Angulo has the potential to develop a well-rounded game and become a force to be reckoned with in Brazilian golf.

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4. Sofia Guimarães

Sofia Guimarães is a young golfer with a promising future. While details about her amateur career are unavailable, Guimarães has transitioned into professional golf and is actively competing in tournaments.

In 2023, she participated in the Aberto do Brasil, the same professional tournament as Victoria Michallik. Again, specific results are unavailable, but her participation highlights her dedication and competitive spirit.

Guimarães’ playing style is characterized by her aggressive approach and long drives. With more experience and strategic refinement, she has the potential to become a powerful contender on the Brazilian golf scene.

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5. Marjorie Correa

Marjorie Correa is an exciting prospect in Brazilian golf. There’s limited information about her competitive background, but Correa’s talent and dedication are evident. Social media posts showcase her impressive swing technique and course practice sessions.

While Correa might not be a seasoned professional yet, her passion for the sport and focus on improvement suggest a bright future. With focused training and participation in upcoming tournaments, Correa has the potential to climb the ranks of Brazilian women’s golf.

These five golfers represent the burgeoning talent pool in Brazilian women’s golf. With dedication, training, and more professional opportunities, they have the potential to become leading figures in the sport.

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